Saturday, March 26, 2016

Honda Customer Service Does Not Care About Honda Owners

I purchased my Honda in 2009 from Honda in Woodland Hills & took it their for service until I retired in 2014.  I took my 2009 Honda for service to Diamond Honda in Glendale (where I live) in 2016.  When I made my appt. the Honda customer service rep told me they would call Keyes Honda in Woodland Hills to find out what service I needed.

They did not.  I brought in all my service records to Diamond Honda. It had not been serviced for close to two years.  They did only an oil change (which was needed), changed the cabin filters and did an alignment.  They did not recommend any service.

I know I was remiss in not having my vehicle serviced., however, they should have recognized that I had not had my vehicle serviced recently and seen that I was putting a lot less miles on it than previously.  The customer service rep told me that I had an automatic reminder when I needed service and indicated I should come back in August of 2016. 

In 18 months I only put 4,000 miles on my vehicle.  I look to Honda to keep my vehicle running efficiently.  If you do not keep me informed how do I keep my vehicle running efficiently. .  I look to you to advise me. Apparently Diamond Honda and the Honda corporate office does not care about Honda owners.