Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yahoo! Continues to Frustrate Me as a Customer

My complaint against Yahoo! is simple. I click on your news stories, I have to click again to read what interested me.  And yet often there is still no story, just links to more stories.  Specifically, I just clicked on a story about a delegate of Trump's arrested on Federal Charges.

Something about the Oregon land occupation.  Those were some headlines, but after clicking, just a maze of links in a confused mass of links, and no story on what originally intrigued me.  You're doing this more and more.

And worse:  I have had yahoo email since 1990, I signed up during my desert shield/desert storm deployment of nine months.  I'm now a world traveling airline pilot.  I cannot sign into my email presently, because I attempted log-ins at various overseas hotels and airports. 

I am extremely disappointed in your product.  Only procrastination has stopped me from moving to google mail.  Adios, when I get around to it.