Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horrible Applebees Customer Service (Yet Again)

I eat every weekend here and tonight wanted to go out as usual but decided to go to applebees at 2896 South Rutherford Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN and was at #73 and server Cody R but the problem occurred soon as I walked in with my Wife.

We walked in right after 10:36 and the greeter walked up as we waited and said " Uh... I don't think our food hall is open so I might not be able to seat you since we have already cleaned the tables off" and the placed was full of people.

I told her "But its not nearly 12:00 closing yet" and she said wait while I talk to someone about this and after waiting 5 minutes she said is the bar ok and I replied no because I don't want to be seated near alcohol, which she wasn't happy about with a mean reply to just sit wherever.

After we got seated the waiter came up and we told him we knew everything we wanted which was two spin dips with two orders of boneless wings and two sweet teas. we waited about 20 minutes and the manager brought out our meals and the tea was not drinkable and after finishing our meal which took us 15 minutes we sat there quietly and the waiter and the staff just stared at us.

I was waiting to get the ticket to be brought to us but the staff in the store let everyone go home that was in the place and turned all the TV's off and started putting tables in the middle of the hall before I had to get up, walk to the bar and ask for someone to ring me up when I was told I had to wait for my server.

Before I made it back to my table he confronted me and asked for my card and walked off to return to my table and say they had already locked up so from the time we got there take away the 35 minutes total it took to get food and eat I was forced to wait til 12:07 til they would allow us to leave.

I am extremely outraged with the behavior or your store and will tell you first hand that this will never happen to me again because if this case is not resolved I will never return to any applebees in the future. you can contact me personally for any additional questions and ill be happy to assist.