Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Hate Adobe Outsourced Customer Service

I had to reload Adobe several times as each time it refused to download correctly. Every time I had a problem and tried calling customer service, I got Habeeb in India whom I could not understand, they could not understand me, they had zero knowledge of computers or of Adobe, so I after multiple demands to speak to supervisors who interestingly enough were NEVER there.

I insisted upon being called back by american customer service. I was told a request had been made and I would be contacted shortly.

Over the following days and weeks (during which time I was completely unable to use the product I was paying for) I was called several times by more Indian customer service reps wanting to close out my problem ticket. I repeatedly explained no, I still had not been contacted by anyone from American customer service, and ADOBE CC was still not downloading properly, and thus I was still unable to use it.

After more than four months of this, I finally gave up and decided to purchase a new computer, a macbook pro, I was told Adobe cc would work find on macbook pro and I would have no problems. I deactivated all of the other computers and loaded cc on my new Mac. When I attempted to open the programs, none of them would work. I could not import photos, could not export photos to bridge, could not do anything.

I again called customer service, and again got Habeeb from India who was completely clueless. This is not the first complaint you have gotten about this horrible customer service, nothing but problems with ADOBECC 2015 and its constant updates which never do a damn thing to fix anything. Upon further investigation, I fount literally thousands of complaints saying the EXACT SAME THING, and yet Adobe does not responded to any of them just as I am certain they will do nothing to respond to this.

Adobe is losing millions of dollars by releasing products which are full of bugs that prohibit them from working, charging a rediculous monthly fee for defective product they refuse to stand behind, refuse to refund money people have paid when they are completely dissatisfied, and then charging a huge fee for those people to cancel their subscriptions even though they were told they could cancel at any time without penalty.

Adobe engages in automatically renewing subscriptions for this software that doesn't work, and they don't support, without the customers knowledge and to add insult to injury doubles or triples the price!

I still have not been contacted by AMERICAN ADOBE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I EXPECT that person to speak ENGLISH as their FIRST language. When the person calls me, I expect to get his or her name, first and last, as well as a phone number where I can reach them when what ever they tell me to do does not work. I also expect to be refunded what I have paid to ADOBE over the past year while I waited for this American customer service person to call me and assist me in getting your software to work right.

Now, IF, IF I am refunded the $39. Per month I have paid for the past year for a product I could not use because your AMERICAN customer service person NEVER called me back after I requested they do so more than 7 times, and AFTER the software is properly loaded and working properly without pinwheels of death, without long lag times, without crashing my new system, and without suddenly crashing in the middle of a project, I will agree to pay a monthly fee to use it again, however, until then, each time you charge my credit card for a product that does not work, and your AMERICAN customer service refuses to take responsibility for fixing the problem in a timely matter, I shall consider EVERY charge ADOBE makes to my credit card, FRAUD, and report it to my credit card company as such.

Further, I will go online to all the places I found the thousands of similar complaints, and post a comment which suggests they all do the same. If this is the only way your customers can get your attention, and make you understand there is a serious problem with your software AND your lack of customer service, than so be it, that is what I shall do.

I will give you 14 days to refund my money to my credit card, and have an AMERICAN technician contact me about the problem. After that, I will have no alternative to follow through on my legal right to recover charges for services and software not received in working order, and suggest other do the same. An AMERICAN speaking tech idiom can call me. I have copied this letter as further proof that ADOBE does nothing but ignore complaints, and does not stand behind its product.