Thursday, March 31, 2016

State Farm Insurance Rates Doubled With No Explanation

Our family, first my parents, then my wife and I, had been State Farm customers for over 50 years.  We are not their customer today after many insurance complaints against the company.  The wheels started to come off the bus last year when we encountered some billing issue and saw unusual rate increases.  Then our son (16) had 2 accidents in the period of a few months.

We new our State Farm rates would go up and they did.  Kind of disappointed in the messaging around that but we understood.  Over the next few months, some more billing issues, over charged $400 which they returned, at the same time they now told us that they would no longer cover our son.  Now we are starting to get the picture but we hang in there because we are loyal to a fault.

Then this week, we find out that our rates have been doubled and they wanted to double them back to January and since we 'owed' them money, they started to recover what we had 'underpaid'.  No advance warning, no explanation. 

There was no opportunity to 'discuss' the drastic increase in charges and no opportunity to negotiate the back charges.  It appears we had been reclassified after 50 years.

So we reclassified State Farm to a status of "Former Insurance Provider". So sorry, good neighbor, that you wanted to put an end to making easy money off our family for over 50 years but put an end to it you did!