Wednesday, March 23, 2016

United Airlines Treats Frequent Flyers Like Cattle

I have been an "elite member" in their system for many, many years now. But sadly, this company is more interested in profits and the rich that can pay large amounts, than customer service OR loyalty. I yearly must travel out of the country, and ut helped that it was just enough to keep my "elite status" going. ( helps for such long flights).

However, United has become more & more stingy to the average flyer. They do not give you credit for the actual miles you fly. (unless you fly 1st Class) Its barely half.  Plus, in addition to that, they require an arbitrary high amount to be spent ALONG WITH the number of miles.  Its a "no-win" situation for the average person!

But then again,  they know this! Obviously, this company caters to the rich and does not back up its speech about supposed being committed to customer service. Its a shame only the well-to-do get to benefit from flying often. United is definitely going 'downhill' on their service to the 'everyday traveler!