Monday, March 21, 2016

Kohl's Scam Two Day Door Busters Ad

In the Kohl's Two Day Door Busters ad (Sunday March 20th) on page 7. Kohl's advertised the Fila Sport Sleeveless fitted top at a cost of $14.99. After driving to a Kohl's store to purchase the "Door Buster" I was unable to locate any product in the store.

Asked two sales people for help and was informed by them that these shirts were never at the store (even though they were advertised as the store's "Door Buster"). I was able to locate the subject shirt at the Kohl's On-Line site for $14.99.

However after you factor in the cost of shipping ($8.95) its no longer a "DOOR BUSTER" but more appropriately a DEAL BREAKER. I'm not sure what your policy is for ads appearing in local news papers advertising sales at local stores, but you should review your policies for truthfulness.