Monday, March 21, 2016

T-Mobile Customers Angry at Customer Service Outsourcing

I have been a T mobile customer for at least 9 years. I currently have 3 lines of which I am the main account holder. I moved from Odessa, TX to Pecos, TX in June of 2015. I had absolutely NO T-mobile service. I was bouncing off of AT&T towers constantly.

I called on numerous occasions asking if this was normal and was told NUMEROUS times that since T-mobile did not have a tower in the area, it was my only recourse besides my WIFI which I used constantly both at home and at work.

Imagine the inconvenience. THEN in February, I noticed that MY line was due to be cancelled...which I obviously did not request, so I called the uber competent people at T-mobile and was told I had nothing to worry about, it was an error on their part. Well today I wake up my phone has no service, I try to log in to my account and was unsuccessful.

So I started a chat online with T-mobile only to be told that my phone line had been cancelled. AND to top it all off it was because I had been bouncing off of the AT&T towers to it was MY FAULT! So they cancelled me a longtime customer because they had crappy service where I was living. I am now back in the Fort Worth, TX area and have great service.

But now I am rethinking staying because even though they cancelled my phone line on a Sunday morning...there was no way to "figure this mess out" until Monday. So, thank you T-mobile. I was supposed to return to work in the morning my first day by the way since I moved...but hey, I will spend the time dealing with your incompetent, worthless company.

And probably loose a few more IQ points. How is that outsourcing working for you? Oh WAIT, I can answer that...IT'S NOT!