Saturday, March 26, 2016

Terrible Wendy's Customer Service in Shreveport, LA

On 3/25/16 around 10:45 pm, I went through the drive through of Wendy's restaurant in Shreveport, LA at the corner of Hearne Ave and experience horrible customer service. I ordered 3 of the 4 for $4 specials they were advertising. The young girl on the speaker box took my order and things were going well, that is until I asked her if she would put the order in separate bags.

She said yes okay but when she thought I had pulled away and that her speaker was off, she called be a name. I pulled up to the window to get my order and I asked her if she was still speaking to me when I left the speaker. She refused to answer. She closed the window. When she opened it again to give me my drinks, I asked for a cup holder.

She slammed the window back and minutes later returned with the cup holder and the combos in separate bags like I'd asked. When I asked for ketchup because she wasn't allowing me to speak my concerns at once, she was pissed by then. I confronted her about her attitude and she gave me my ketchup, closed her drive through window then blew me a kiss with one hand and a finger sign with the other hand.

I drove off and got half way down the street then went back to ask for a receipt which I did NOT receive. I did get the ladies name which is Erica and her manager Rodrick. I can promise you that I will be using the customer feedback form on the Wendy's website too.

A hot mess that I've been considering taking to social media about. Very rude and unnecessary situation to be in. I'm glad that she makes minimum wage and that it has NOT increased because of this type of foolishness.