Sunday, April 3, 2016

6 Things I Hate about Best Buy Corporate

If I could give less than one star on my Best Buy review I would.  This experience has been a nightmare returning a simple item. They should go out of business, customer service is a foreign language to them. I just want a new fridge but this is ridiculous.

  1. There was a problem with my credit card where my order wasn't processed. placed a hold on my card but would not allow me to schedule the delivery.  I had to call them back to complete my order.
  2. The delivery man was rude, there was a problem with the scheduling at my building with the elevator. I understand he had to leave but he told me, "I don't have time for this" I have 20 other deliveries and I'm out of here, this is a waste of my time", then he hung up on me. He had been at my building for less than 5 minutes. No time given to correct the situation.
  3. Fridge delivered, but it's the wrong size (my fault) Very nice delivery guy says he can leave the delivered fridge and I can just go to to request a replacement.
  4. Called they can't do an exchange/return, they tell me to go to a store.
  5. Go to a store, they can't do a return and the employee has to go to a meeting, he tells me to come back the next day.
  6. I contact the corporate office, I speak to a very nice young lady who is going to attempt to help me. I can't understand why an exchange is so difficult. She gave me an order# but she too is unable to process the exchange. She told me she would call me back but she has not. 
This should be a very simple retail exchange process but they can't get it done. If they are not able to process the exchange on Monday I will be returning their fridge and ordering from another retailer.