Monday, April 4, 2016

Expedia "All Inclusive" Resort Scam Was a Lie

I looked for a All inclusive hotel in Humaco, PR. The Wynham Garden At Palmas Del Mar came up as the only place. That's where my complaints started with Expedia. I booked the reservation with the thought that "all inclusive means, drinks and meals for the duration of your stay".

I soon found out the price I paid Expedia for all inclusive did not cover meals or drinks only the stay at the hotel and flight. So, the hotel manager (Raymond) approved a meal and drink plan for 2 adults 1 child for the duration of our stay. I did have another person in the party who could not afford this extra, thinking she had "All inclusive".

When I returned from the trip, I called Expedia customer support, I spoke to several staff and then finally a manager who told me he attempted to make a reservation for all inclusive and it could not be done. I said he gave be a $150 credit for another hotel but did not tell me how to access it.

I feel Expedia failed me when I was looking for a hotel for my party of 4. Expedia did not assist me in finding what I was looking for, they did not offer any compensation for the extra money we had to pay on this vacation.