Sunday, April 3, 2016

Petco Sold Me an Exploding Saltwater Starfish

To whom it may concern. I hope this review reaches the Petco corporate offices. On March 31, I went to my local Petco located in Auburn Ma. I needed to buy a (2) 24 inch fish tank covers. As I proceed to cash out I realized that the price was 39.99, and online was 29.99.

I showed (Paul) at the register and said can you price match my items, he rudely replied no, so I walked out without the purchase. I then proceeded to go to Shrewsbury MA Petco which is further away to go to that store, they were very nice and price matched me without at question, but only had one item of mine in stock.

I then had to go back to Auburn Ma, to complete my order and ask for the manager, asking her why couldn’t they price match me here in Auburn, but in Shrewsbury I had no problem, manger finally agreed to price match ( after I showed them the online product on my phone).

That day also I had purchased one of your saltwater Starfish, a beautiful blue one for 19.99. I bought him on March 31,2016 there was a few to pick from,the employee and I moved them around and one of the employers in the fish dept told me nope not this one this one is sick and needs to heal up first.

I proceed to ask him if the other one is fine, and he will be ok in my tank since he is living in the same water as the sick one, he replied yes he looks great! So I bought the blue starfish. A day and a half later the starfish is all slimy and stomach like exploded in my tank, leaking a clear liquid into the tank.

We removed the starfish, and I called Petco customer service. Unfortunately we removed the starfish, so he wouldn’t kill the other fish in the tank and disposed of it properly, when I called petco in auburn they said they needed the starfish back and I could get store credit if I had the fish.

Unfortunately I am not willing to travel out of my way again to get a store credit of 19.99 to buy another sick fish. I just wanted to let someone know, that my experience in Auburn Ma, petco wasn’t pleasant, my fish died within 24hrs. so I will not be returning to buy anything from petco.

Thank you, a disappointed costumer!