Monday, April 4, 2016

Never Shopping at Kmart Against Due to Poor Customer Service

I am never shopping at Kmart stores ever again, not after the customer service I experienced, and here is why was shopping at the Kmart in Elizabethtown, PA store today around 2 pm. I saw a sale sign on some Averley slip on sandals, 52212. Sign on the product stated buy 1, get one for $1.

So I picked out 2 pair, one in the white and one in the blue, size 8-1/2, went to the register with my other purchases and found out that now the sale was buy one and get one at half price.

I said the sign stated buy one get one for $1. Cashier said the sale was over. I said then why wasn't the sign taken off the sandals. She said it didn't matter that the sign was still there, then she hollered over to someone at the service desk and they also said it didn't matter. I decided not to purchase them if they were not going to honor the sales sign.

I took a picture of the sign on my cell phone. I will not shop a Kmart again if this is how they handle problems like this. How is anyone to know that the sign is deceiving. Also the rude Kmart cashier that waited on me was not the friendliest and she said well you can buy one and get one at half price.

Well I did not want to purchase buy one and get one at half price when the sale stated buy one and get one for $1. Did an online chat with Kmart customer service today and the person (Dolan) agreed that the sale sign should have been honored but then also told me that I could purchase 1 pair and get 2nd pair on line and get half off.

Why would I do that when that is clearly not what your sign stated on the product.