Friday, April 1, 2016

Microsoft Service Technicians Don't Have a Clue

Microsoft customer service rating: 0. I am being penalized because I cannot have access to a stable and fast home connection. I do not have a 'home' - I travel and use a mobile modem. What a poor experience this has been for me and so many other customers of Microsoft. The only fix that Microsoft technicians can think of is to download a huge package sp1 to update my windows 7.

The original problem as created after an Microsoft intervention for a little problem. I was left with a windows that won't ask for passwords for wifi connections. So I can only connect to free wifi in shopping malls (no passwords); can't connect in libraries, can't connect onto friends' internet. (apart from using my mobile modem).

The first Microsoft technician who worked on this destroyed my modem, so now I have no modem. That cost me 3 hours of noise at Telstra and will cost me $120. Each time I go to chat, it's a different technician, who starts something different, and because of the slow mall wifi and constant drop-outs, they never finish the job.

The last one started a download that would force me to stay in this freezing air conditioned mall for 10 DAYS! After 3 days, I am getting sick, from both the cold and the stress (I have a stress triggered illness). I have asked for a real location and technician...

The reply is: Can you buy a new laptop (sorry, I need the money for food); can we install  windows 10 on your computer (no, I don't have enough connection to download it - my brain can't handle the touchy/pictures etc organized 'system');  do you have friends with a windows 10 computer (no I don't).

Do you have friends with a windows 7 disc (no I don't); do you have friends with a fast home connection (no I don't - my only friends has a weak wifi on her phone); If you don't have a good enough connection, we can't help you. We can reimburse your $120 if you want.

No, I want the service for a year that I paid for, on my computer, with windows 7. In other words, I am being denied the service I paid for because I don't have money to own a house and have a fast internet connection, and I am not young enough, don't have a young brain that can play around with organized pictures facebook style.

I am being penalized for being old and not rich. When I purchased the Microsoft yearly support, the contract never said: "we'll give you support if you have a normal computer, in a normal house, with a fast internet connection, and if you can keep up with our mad novelties "!  ... or sit in a freezing mall for 10 days! This is discrimination and injury to health.

Why isn't there any lawyer to file a class action against this giant corporation that has no qualm about exploiting so many (forcing us into being a captive market). I'm not sure if I'll fight to make them pay (last year I won against another 'company') or if I've had enough and I'll just go bush and dump the damned computer and the damning 'connected' society.

Nature is much less disconnected, than even the 'connected' society.