Friday, April 1, 2016

This Kia Customer Complaint Will Make You Sick

I am writing to complain about a maintenance experience I accounted at Southlake Kia Service Department which occurred September 3, 2015 when I went in for a routine oil change.  I took my car in for a oil change when I returned to pick my car up I was told that my oil plug had been stripped, I being na├»ve to what the cashier was saying asked what does that mean.

At that time the Kia maintenance service manager walked up and said it wasn't that he changed and said that the oil pan is aluminum and it has a whole in it and that aluminum pan has the tendency to get wholes in it.  I asked if this was a unusual occurrence he commented sometimes it happens with aluminum pans he also said it would be 500.00 dollars to repair the problem. 

I asked if it was something I did to cause the problem he did not respond. I also explained that they are the only one that have done my oil changes since I brought my 2011 Kia Soul and that why they couldn't let me know that this problem may occur.  

I have trusted this facility because they have serviced my vehicle and been very pleasant especially after I got a 2010 Soul from the Ed Voyles Kia dealership and the transmission went out 2 weeks after I got it.  Southlake Kia personnel was pleasant with me after the 1st car kept having maintenance problems and Ed Voyles down graded the car and did not compensate by any means. 

Some of the Southlake personnel really made me feel better after such a hurting and disappointing experience now they are cold to what they have done to my car. 

I have tried to speak to Kim Robertson about the problem but she is never there when I call.  Please what can I do to resolve this problem I don't feel that the oil pan problem is something that I could have done the car is only 4 yrs. old. 

This is so disappointing considering how Ed Voyles handled my problem some people say I should have sued but this is not my character I depend on great customer service skills .  I have referred a couple people to Southlake Kia to buy cars now their customer service department has turned cold. Please help me resolve this problem!