Saturday, April 2, 2016

Upset with Southwest Airlines for Horrible Customer Service

Southwest Airlines gave me a horrible trip, and I am so upset I am now joining others and filing a complaint against Southwest online. My Husband and I always fly Southwest, last night he was flying Nashville to Detroit to be exact NON Stop.

I picked this NON STOP flight because we live in Tennessee and my husband Montgomery  works 5 to 6 days a week from 4 am to approx 5 pm every night.  He is an only child and was flying home to see his mother which has had in December a aneurysm in her heart and had surgery. 

After surgery was found out she has now dementia was put into a home in Sandusky, MI, after several doctors appointments, months of doctors was found out to have had also several strokes.  She was moved to home to hospital in Pontiac, MI for more tests were she can only have visitors Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays for 1 1/2 ONLY.

 I rented him a car to be picked up by 1 pm at Dollar Car rental (which closes at 1 pm).  We live in Woodbury, TN which is approx an hour from Nashville Airport, he left here at 7:30 to make sure he had enough time to get there.

When he arrived was told that flight was not full enough (88 people were there) that the flight was waiting for a plane to come from Florida going to Chicago with 70 people on it. He boarded the plane at now 11:24 pm but still waiting for the other plane. 

Two men at the counter Southwest workers gave the passengers a 100 voucher (WOW REALLY), the nice men also told my husband they worked for Southwest over 15 years and had never seen this kind of thing before.

Because the 70 people they were waiting for did arrive would get on the plane, they had to detour to drop those 70 people off first in Chicago then to Detroit.  So now he gets to Detroit approx 2:30 am, Dollar Car rental Closed.

He has now been up for 27 hours and now has to sit and wait for the Car rental place to open to get rental car to head to family's house before going to see his mother.  Which a family's closest house (Emmett, MI) is approx 2 plus hours from Detroit airport drive.  He not only had to wait for NON Stop flight to leave late, Missed his car rental because it closed at 1 am, now is sitting longer in Detroit waiting for Car rental place to open to get a car.

When Dollar did open, they didn't have small car, but for 20.00 more he had to pay to just get a car.  Still no sleep, he only can see his mother at hospital for 1 1/2 hours on Saturday only from 2 pm to 3:30. 

This to me is inexcusable, We are really upset. We have always flown Southwest, because we have never had problems, we always have flown Non Stop, under these circumstances he gets a 100 Voucher.  Are you kidding, is this a joke? 

So upset, Southwest I thought took care of their passengers, this is in no way a pleasure trip but a horrible one.  I feel the 70 people flight from Florida was more important than the 88 people that were there on time.

Wow, very disappointed in Southwest airlines in taking care of your passengers. HORRIBLE TRIP, this is unacceptable our time & money is worth more then 100 voucher.  We paid for non stop.  We should be refunded for everything, I feel that was a slap in the face Southwest sure did not make us feel in no way important.  All you can do is 100 voucher?