Friday, June 10, 2016

13 AOL Complaints That Will Blow Your Mind

We get a lot of AOL complaints submitted on our website each day... and I mean a lot. It's amazing how much customers truly hate using AOL.

So, we thought that it would be good to share some of the complaints that are most common. Hopefully by doing so we can keep AOL accountable to it's customers.

In no particular order, here the the top 13 problems that customers report about the company:

1. AOL crashes constantly
I had just completed a lengthy email when one of your too-frequent "oops" moments occurred, When service was restored my email was gone and I was infuriated, This has happened more than once before. Usually the unsent email remains on the screen long enough for it to be "sent later", but this time it just vanished.  Since your service fails so frequently you should be making a backup copy of every email that is written and deleting it only after the email has been successfully sent. My time and patience have been wasted too often.

 I've been an AOL member for ages and have been urged by friends to change. I've remained loyal, but am beginning to regret it. I am sick and tired of the (deliberate) slow down of the email server. After the slow dragging email I am sending to others, a advertisement comes up selling a AOL "how to speed up" your service. I have a different   email server and newer have any problem with it. If this continues I will cancel your account and suggest the same to all my family and friends.

2. AOL cannot fix simple bugs
I do not know how to turn off AOL's stupid attempt (so-called) to help me to connect to the internet. I already know how. I have a verizon FIOS router in the other room. I do not need any help. I just need AOL to connect.

3. AOL technicians do not help
I have talked to many technicians with AOL and have been told I need to migrate it again. Went back to Verizon and attempted to migrate her email and get an error message it has already been migrated. Contact AOL. Contacted AOL and was told numerous times that the migration is incomplete. When I demanded that it has been migrated they would refer me to the next higher department who would say it had been migrated but was not working righ

4. AOL customer service is rude
Last year my father passed away suddenly and he had AOL online for his email account. With the amount of work we have to do with paperwork. I tried to change the ownership over in my name in September but unfortunately, they never took any money from my bank account to pay bills. In November, one of the AOL agents called my mom and apologized for my father's death and offered to refund us any bill.

I called yesterday to get this resolved and the agent that took care of me did tried in the beginning and could not give me refund or find his Supervisor.  He gave me another phone number to call and that number is not in service. That agent was out lof line when he kept asking me what was I doing from June-Novmeber and why was I not checking my Father's email. I told him he was out of line and that it was none of his business. 

I then called back to speak with someone else but again that agent Ann # 414933 could not help and asked that I call back later.  She was able to verify my account but could not with my dad only through his cell #. This is ridiculous and very disappointing. This should have all been resolved in September of 2015 when I tried to change the ownership to my account but you did not do your job.

5. AOL has been a huge disappointment
None has done their job to resolve this simple issue.  I totally understand privacy and security but I was able o get in yesterday and no one would take the next step in helping. I want this resolved,  my account credited and have ownership to my dad's and moms' email account immediately. Please provide customer service in resolving this issue immediately.

6. AOL inundates me with unwanted ads
Every e-mail that has a message to "click here" is inoperative.  e.g. Facebook sent an e-mail today to reset my password.  I am unable to proceed due to AOL deficit  AOL is useless! I've been trying to change my account information for 45 minutes. I talked to a customer rep named Steven in Romania. He had no clue as to how to do his job. The chat lady could also not help. I've been a customer for many years. The credit card is expiring and I'm unable to give you a new card.

7. AOL puts seniors at risk
I started to sign up for more information about the program, Before I finished the form I received a phone call and e mails. When it asked for my social security number I closed the program. I have received more than 40 calls a day at my home from this company. I have asked repeatedly to not call or e mail I am NOT interested in their program. My wife has also asked them to stop calling and staking our family.

Their demographic is seniors, I am 88 years old I can't believe AOL would allow such a company to run an ad that puts seniors  at risk. Please investigate and remove their ads. One can only wonder how the older population can handle this kind of harassment.

8. AOL ignores their VIP members
I have been an AOL member for 17 years.  I am a VIP member as well.  Recently along with price increases I became a VIP customer.  My experience is that your service has deteriorated. There are long waits on the phone despite my VIP status some taking more than an hour and many times I have been disconnected adding to the frustration. In short, AOL customer stinks. Additionally, the disingenuous "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" statements burn me up. With the increased fees I expected better service.

9. AOL usually means more spam
Is there any action that AOL can take to stop the enormous amount of spamming by some members on the chat boards? A certain few people, using multiple tag names, fill up the boards with cartoons or repetitive photos, making it difficult for everyone else to express an an opinion, or to respond to another posting.

Just tonight, I flagged one spammer for nearly 18 pages  in a row of the same photo/video, whereby on each page, only one or two other posters could squeeze in a comment. Supposedly the flags are supposed to be monitored, but sometimes I've got to wonder if anyone is paying attention at AOL. Please do something about it, because it's made the site nearly unbearable.

10. AOL means more errors
Perhaps you can explain why I can't send an e-mail?  I hit send and get "Sorry, we are temporarily unable to send mail.  Please try again in a few minutes."  Well, I think an hour qualifies for a "few minutes" and I still get the same message. When I got to open my AOL mail or send a messages or do anything on AOL I keep getting a pop up telling me there was an error in my request and to try again later.

This has become a frequent problem, maybe I should send a note with my next payment and inform AOL that there was a problem with me meeting my payment this month and to try again later?  AOL is becoming a 2nd rate web site with numerous issues.  I have been a long time subscriber to AOL, but if this problem continues I will be forced to go to another web site that is free and provides much better mail service than AOL.

11. AOL discusses politics
Why the heck is Hillary Clinton on my sign in page making it look like when I go to sign in I'm endorsing her? I am NOT a Clinton supporter and find it offensive to have this (or ANY political party candidate) on my sign-in page!  What is AOL thinking?

12. AOL cannot keep up with technology
The AOL services can not respond to my computer, I have to delete my typing and correct the missing letters. Additionally I do not like add that are design to be hard to delete. I do not no why any one would spend money to advertise with AOL. your rating is less than a one star it to low to rate. Time for me to fine a new internet company.

Ever since the banner hawking some browser security service has appeared, and also it has appeared as a large box on some screen names, your 'service' has become incredibly slow, or as of right now, non existent.  Right now, i tried to open the AOL tab and all it's doing is having the little circle  continually circling. Everything else come up without issue, it's only AOL.

13. AOL desktop page is awful
Once again, you have decided to completely change the Desktop page. It is awful. We hate it. Please tell us how we can get the previous Desktop back and we will appreciate it if you will not change anything on our computer without our specific and detailed permission in the future.