Sunday, July 10, 2016

5 Family Dollar Customers Who Complained to Corporate

Family Dollar continues to see increased complaints due to poor customer service. In the last few weeks alone, more than 100 complaints have been filed against Family Dollar corporate offices on our website.

Here are just a few examples:

Complaint #1
Customer name: Barbara Houston
I was at your store #06050 purchased a product it was priced wrong on the shelf went to the manager she said the product for price I wanted was a different count. I told her I wanted to exchange it for the lower price. I was told I would have to wait until she finished counting which was fine there was a very lone line I then asked a young man who said he was quality control person.

I showed him the problem item was placed wrong he gave me the the right item I waited in line as u was explaining what I wanted to do to the cashier the supervisor #1074510 come over and rudely making noises cutting me off from speaking and took the item. I told her she was disrespectful and rude, there are other times cashiers are talking on their cell phones using profanity while waiting on customers. The workers are young adults that are in need of customer service training.

This location is very unprofessional I hope you would access their skills concerning customer service.

Complaint #2
Customer name: Luis Padilla
I went in to the store on Solano Dr on Monday at around 3:00 pm.  I wanted to purchases some glass canisters that were on clearance. The cashier young lady that is pregnant just grabbed my box and started peeling off the clearance price and told me someone made a mistake with the prices, I got upset and told her there 4 other boxes with the same tags on them.

I asked to talk to a manager, some short Mexican lady just turned around and just looked at me. I asked her about the price and all she said was they are not on sale do you want them or not. I just think they were rude to not even take the time to check the rest of the boxes. This so called manager did not even try to help me out. I later went to another family dollar to see if they had the canisters but were sold out and was told they were on clearance for 6.00 dollars.

I went back to the family dollar today and the tags are still on the boxes but now they are missing pieces and broken, i hope no kids pass on that isle they might get hurt. I will never spend my money at family dollar nor my relatives ever again. I am so very upset i am getting ready to contact the media. I cannot believe how you hire this kind of people in your stores.

Complaint #3
Customer name: Tina Lewis
First let me say that I love shopping at family dollar. I visited store number 2164 today.I was very disappointed in what I saw. The newly reminded store looks like a junk store,a dump,so to speak. Everything on the shelves are a mess, nothing straightened up, clothes all over the place.

Kids and adult clothes all mixed together. Merchandise all over the floors. Clothes all bunched up on top of hanging clothes. None of the merchandise that should be marked down for clearance (none is done). All the other stores I've been to has a clearance rack by itself with all the Mark down merchandise on.

Doesn't seem to me that anyone takes the time to do recovery at the end of the day. Very upsetting considering the remold was just done. I seem to notice things a lot more than another customer would,being I was a manager and assistant manager of 2 different retail stores. I do half to say also one of the employees had ears buds in, listening to music while opening shipment and ignoring the customers around him. That is one store I will never shop in again.

Complaint #4
Customer name: Sandra Funches
Today, Manager was on register with a long line of customers. He told other employee to open up register to help with crowd. Apparently, employee had an attitude about something but he went off and bad mouthed customers and then the manager did so as well. This led to angry customers. The employee took off his shirt walking from the cash register attempting to fight customer. All in all this is bad business and these employees should be fired.

Arguing with customers is bad business and rude. This type of behavior shouldn't have happen and almost resulted in a possible homicide. We spend lots of money in this store and should be allowed to shop without nasty attitudes surfing. This cannot happen and employees should be removed for this type of behavior. Just check Saturdays schedule and you'll see who was working. Store is located on 4200 block of West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60624 store location.

Complaint #5 
Customer name: Emily Plumber
 I went into store wearing a hoody sweat shirt. I am a 53 white female. When I went in I had my hood up nothing was said to me, however a black man came in after me and the cashier told him to take his off.  I had said to her that she couldn't tell him that.

She then started flipping out on me that I offended her and I should say I'm sorry to her for saying that, because that is HER policy. This young girl was very rude and harsh. This Family Dollar is store 96 on E.Cone blvd. Greensboro N.C. 27405 I will stop going there and tell all my friend and family.  This was on 12-19-2015 at 16:56. P.S. I should notify news channel on this hoody issue.

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