Monday, July 25, 2016

2009 Honda CR-V Complaint with Mechanical Problems

I have been having mechanical problems with a 2009 Honda CR-V. I found the car via the internet, at Baron Honda in Patchogue, New York. Now I am ready to file a complaint with Honda corporate based on the poor customer service I have received across the board. Here is what happened. On 1/31/16 I went to Baron Honda and took it for a test drive and really liked the vehicle.  I then spoke with salesman Jack.

I let Jack know that I will be paying cash for the vehicle and we agreed upon a price. I left Jack with a $100.00 cash deposit and I signed a "Vehicle Cash Purchase Agreement," the only stipulation being that my mechanic would need to check over the vehicle and if ok, I would purchase the vehicle.  I went home and made arrangement for my mechanic to check the vehicle on Tuesday, 2/2/16. 

I picked up the vehicle, brought it to my mechanic and had the check completed.  As per my mechanic:  the check engine light went on during their test drive and indicated code in PCM P2422, the vehicle was due for a 90K mile service, front brakes aprx 8MM thick rotors out of round, rear brakes 4MM thick recommend rear pads and rotors and R/R bumper lense cracked.  I brought the vehicle back to Baron Honda and gave the keys and mechanic's report to Tommy (he said he is an assistant manager). 

I went over the mechanic's report with Tommy and he said he will have the service department look into things and Jack would contact me the next day.  I received a call on Wednesday, 2/3/16, from Bobby, who said he is an assistant manager.  Bobby informed me that he received a "stop sell" order from Honda's corporate office because there is an airbag recall on the vehicle. 

Bobby then told me he is looking into the matter and will call me the next day. He also told me that if I had any questions, to contact only him.  I called Bobby on 2/4/16 and let him know that I still want to purchase the vehicle once the recall situation is fixed.  On Friday, 2/5/16, I called Baron Honda to get an update and was told that Bobby wasn't in that day. 

I spoke with Jack again (can't remember what day) and Jack told me that he and Bobby are expecting to have a conference call with Honda corporate on Monday and would have a better idea of what is going on with the recall.  I called Bobby on Monday, 2/8/16, and left a message but never heard from him.  I called Bobby on Tuesday, 2/9/16. 

He started to explain about the recall, then said, "Hold on," and the next thing that happens is Jack is on the telephone, trying to explain the situation.  (Why Bobby would just dump me to another person is rude and extremely unprofessional.)  Jack told me he didn't want to hold me up and knew that my current vehicle is in bad shape.  Jack suggested I come to Baron and get my $100.00 back.  I told Jack that would be fine but I also want to be reimbursed for the $72.24 that I spent at the mechanic. 

Jack said he didn't that would happen since I am not purchasing the vehicle from them.  I told Jack I had every intention of purchasing the vehicle from them and it's certainly not my fault I can't do so.  Jack said he would talk to his manager.  I didn't hear from ANYONE at this dealer for several days so on Saturday, 2/13/16, at 2:00pm, I called and left a message on Bobby's voicemail asking him to call me back so we can finish our business. 

At 5:00pm, I still never heard from Bobby so I called again.  I spoke with a woman who initially told me to hold on while she gets Bobby.  When she returned to the phone, she said he's not there and asked if I would like to leave a voicemail.  I told her I left a voicemail 3 hours ago and I am still waiting for a call back. 

She told me she can take the message and she will personally hand deliver it to Bobby.  I gave her my name and phone number and told her to let Bobby know that I expect him to call me before he leaves for the day at 6:00pm.  I never heard from Bobby.  Today, 2/14/16, at approximately 2:50pm, I called and spoke with Jack. I told him I want to make arrangement to get my deposit back. He said he will be at work tomorrow. 

I asked about the refund for the mechanic's bill and he told me he spoke with manager Dominick and they will not refund the $72.24 since I am not purchasing the car from them.  I again told Jack it's not my fault I'm not purchasing the car from them and that I have researched small claims court and it will only cost me $20.00 to file and take them to court.  Jack then told me "Do what you have to do."  I know that $72.24 is not a lot of money, but it is not a cost I should have to incur since I was totally willing to purchase the vehicle from them. I cannot purchase the vehicle. 

What started out as a good business transaction, turned into rudeness, lack of professionalism and no accountability.  I will hope that Honda corporation can make this situation correct.