Monday, July 25, 2016

Ford Produces Poor Quality Trucks and Cars

Ford motor company is now seeing lots of complaints created from customers like me. That's because they have dropped off in terms of quality of product. Here are several Ford customer service horror stories over the last ten years.

I bought a 2015 Ford F-350 Diesel it cost me $60K and since I basically drove it off the lot I have been having to take it in for the exhaust filtering system.  Every time it goes into the cleaning mode for the exhaust filtering system the engine chugs and you lose power.  The only way to get it to stop is to hammer the gas and it will go away for a short time but continue until it is completed.

Omera Ford and Ford Motor Company tells me they have know about the problem since February but since it isn't a problem in all the trucks they don't need to do a recall.  Their engineers are working on the problem and trying to come up with a software update which should fix the problem.  According to Ford this may take up to a year.  So have to deal with this problem for a year.

Now I have another problem with the exhaust filtering system today while driving on the dashboard screen came up In 49 miles, Speed Lowered to 50 MPH, Exhaust Filter System Fault.  I know it had enough blu dep because I just put some in last night and when this went on I filled it up all the way.  I called the dealership (Omera Ford) and talked to the Service Department and was told to just drive it on the highway and it should reset if not bring it in. 

It didn't reset after driving it on the highway for 24 miles. I am just so frustrated with Ford have had the vehicle in five times in 7 months and still having problems and of course Ford says they will take it as a trade in but would depreciate it and I would lose the $15,000 trade in which I had when I bought this truck.

Recently my wife had an accident and is now in the need of an Automatic car, We have been trying to purchase an Ford Fiesta Titanium from the Ford Direct website. Every time we try to purchase a vehicle from the Ford Direct recommended distributers we are told it is not available.

But they can of course sell us a new vehicle. We have tried everything in our power to buy a car from Ford but without any help or success from Ford or their dealerships. We have persistently tried to contact Ford but they appear to be totally unaccountable by Phone or e-mail.

We are now totally fraught at the lack of service and support. I was hoping to buy my wife a car for Christmas but I am now totally disillusioned with Ford that I fear this will not happen. She is insistent that she specifically wants this car as she has always had fiesta's but Manual only. Do you have any contact / influence in this matter because Ford obviously do not care?

I also bought a 2015 F150 from north Town Ford in Menomonie WI. I as well as my wife son daughter and son in-law all drive Fords and have bought many new fords. The 2015 crew cab has openings in the box that you can look right down and see the ground. The right wheel well you can also see the ground and water and dust get in the box from there.

If you drive it on a gravel road the box fills with dirt. I had North Town look at it three times and even take the truck and compare it with trucks on the lot and told me some have bigger gaps than others and there is nothing they can do that from the specs they were able to get every thing was ok. The problem I have with checking on the other trucks and comparing it to them is if they are all bad that did no good to use them as comparison.

The windshield had a defect and the windshield had to be replaced to North Towns credit they did pay my $100 deductible. The bottom of the doors and the door jams fill with dirt as well. I think this truck is poorly designed and very poorly put together. 

The quality of this truck is by far the worst I have ever purchased. If there isn't any thing Ford is willing to do about this my self and my family will be looking at other brands when we go to purchase vesicles in the future. I give Ford a lot of credit for not taking bail out money from the government and that is one reason I only bought Fords in the past and never even looked at other manufacturers.

Finally, I had the EGR replaced on my 2007 F 350 6.0 I believe it was in October of 20014 drove it home and the engine light appears before I get home.

I called Max Tejada and he said for me to take it in when I had a chance to so I go in the next day and I was told the diesel mechanic was not available to look at my truck, a week later same thing, so it goes on for about another month, finally schedule it and the check engine light was cleared and Max advised me that the truck needed to be run, so I tried running it but same thing.

Truck kept acting up and I couldn't get Max or any other manager to return my calls so finally I showed up and asked to speak to a manager, he was one of the worst managers, laughing about how Max has not been there for months and that the truck needed other repairs and his attitude was so bad that all I wanted was to get my truck out of there.

I felt like all they wanted was more money and didn't care about anything I had to say, I get home and opened up my hood and notice one of the coolant screws missing, my upper fuel filter was changed at the previous oil change and it was dripping fuel all over my block, also noticed plastic peace's broken from just below the vent at the upper hood vent.

He says well its been since November since we did the EGR who knows what could had had happen, but if is something we did we will cover it but if not that I would pay for it. How is it that no one notice fuel leaking after being under the hood?

I'm not the mechanic here that's why I took it to you guys. I will never have my truck serviced at this particular location.