Monday, July 25, 2016

A Letter to Tom Karinshak, Comcast CEO

Tom Karinshak, Unbelievable! Once again, I have had Comcast service pull my pants down.  On 2/26/16, I contacted Comcast corporate headquarters to upgrade my cable package to Preferred. Your representative told me that she had it all taken care of and that rather than send a tech out to exchange my equipment.

I needed to go to the service center to swap out the equipment. Okay, so I agreed to that just to save the aggravation I experienced with your last two service calls.

Later in the evening, I settled in to watch some television but I can't!  My service had been turned off on all sets except my living area, can you guys get anything correct on the bloody first go? Now, I called a separate number to find out why I am getting emails about my data running out.  What does your man tell me?

I am only allowed 300 GB on my account and unlimited internet is not offered in my service area.  What is that about? I don't have unlimited data at my home? This isn't a mobile service and that certainly wasn't shared with me at inception.

I have contacted Comcast at least 25 times and about 25 hours on the phone with Comcast in the past 30 days. My cable has been cut off about 4 times in the past 3 weeks.  I made payment arrangements in January for past due 102.27 to be debited from my Credit Union account. The bill was paid ($102) by my daughter a day ahead of time.  Comcast debited my account after the bill was paid and cut off my service two days later.

My credit union charged me a fee of $33. I transferred $30 on Feb. 8th in my bank account.  My manager said the money is not here as Comcast came back in your account again and we charged another fee of $33.

Comcast turned my cable off again Feb 8th and turned it back on February 8 and turned it off again February 10th after I was told (I have everyone's name I spoke with and it is recorded, I'm told) I could pay another past due amount on February 20th. I had been told by Customer Service a supervisor would call me concerning my complaint of unauthorized use to my bank account and no one did. 

I was also told I could possible get the $66 credit.  My manager in my bank told me to take my money what I had left and put in another account because she said you're not going to have any money if Comcast keeps coming up in your account and I did.  I called many times and was apologized to many times  I had a confirmation number and Comcast told me they saw the payment of $102 in January.

Comcast continued  into Feb, causing me more penalties and I still have no cable.  I want my cable restored , credit for my penalties and installation fees because it is very unfair to me and my family that we have to suffer for mistakes, wrong information.   I am getting identity theft alerts on my computer because of this incident.  Can someone please help me.

I have had billing, customer service and just bad service from Comcast every since I became a customer.  I spoke with several Reps, and even called the Administrative office.  Since the last complaint I have had to close my account.  I no longer am a customer.

I returned all equipment and they still want m to pay over 700.00.  I was suppose to be set-up with a discount every month, but that never happened.  I don't owe you no more than $300.00.  I am willing to pay that amount under a payment plan.  I received a letter from Stella Recovery stating that they have my account and want to collect $759.58. 

This is a joke.  Half the time I didn't even have service and the other half I was connected to another party.  Please call these people and take my account back.  I am willing to pay up to $300.00 in 50 increments.  I cannot afford to pay you the money you are asking for and especially for poor service.  My phone number was 770-6872627.  you can reach me at the email listed below.

I like the service when it was working properly, but it sucked when it wasn't.  There should be a law against collecting money from customers that receive bad service.  You people really need to brush up on your customer service skills. 

Your reps are very unprofessional.  They will lie and tell you a different story every time you talk with one.  It's almost unreal.  Please pass this information on to a Director.  They should know and understand that Comcast is representing the company with poor service.

I then contacted Comcast back in January 2016.  I was trying to down-grade my services to basic cable and internet.  I was told by a Comcast agent that "I would be able to change my plan if the current plan was too much".  Based on the information stated, I up-graded/changed my plan. I made a complaint to the FCC and Comcast.

After leaving five (5) messages and two (2) emails I finally spoke with a Matt Whisman at- extension 56519.  Whisman informed me that I was under a two (2) year contract. Also if I tried to change my plan I would be subject to penalties.  This is the first time I'm hearing about a "plan"!  The only reason I changed/upgraded my services to it's current status is; I was told by a Comcast agent that I could "down-grade my services if I was not satisfied".  Another agent told me in order to down-grade my services my account "can't be in the rear".

Goodbye Xfinity, hello CenturyLink and Directv.