Monday, July 25, 2016

Disput with Comcast Termination Fees for Early Cancelations

I am writing to you today in the hopes that we can resolve a dispute I now have with Comcast regarding an erroneous and illegal early termination fee being applied to my account unfairly. In January of this year, I lost my job and had to downgrade my cable portion of my cable/internet bundle. I could only afford the internet.

I didn’t even cancel; I only downgraded my package to internet-only until further notice. I spoke on the phone with an individual that advised me that I would need to pay a $230 early termination fee in order to cancel my service because I had agreed to a two year contract with Comcast.

I have no recollection of this agreement, and did not sign any legally-binding agreement. I am told this agreement is “on tape”; but no one has been able to provide me any further details, or address the illegality of this so-called contract. I disputed the fact that I ever entered into this agreement, and was told there was nothing to be done for me.

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours on hold with Comcast, on 3 different calls. Each time, I was hung up on! I called customer service again to try to reach some sensible person who will work with me to resolve this issue. I spoke with Jen twice, and she hung up on me both times.

Then, I spoke with woman named Angela who then transferred me to a Geesha. Geesha kept me on the phone for nearly an hour, and said her manager offered me a “$60 off”. I don’t feel this is reasonable offer given the reasons already stated. When I told Geesha this, she hung up on me. To date, this issue hasn’t been resolved.

In reviewing my rights under the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services, I noticed that Section 9-B of the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services gives me the right to cancel my service at any time and for any reason without incurring a penalty unless I have entered into a signed minimum term addendum with Comcast (to which I have not).

Another example can be found in section 15-A. As this section, states that the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services and any document incorporated by reference (such as a signed minimum term addendum) constitute the only terms and conditions between Comcast and I. This section goes on to state that these terms and conditions, and documents incorporated by reference, replace any prior verbal or written agreement between Comcast and I.

So to recap here are my issues: First, I am being asked to pay a $230.00 fee to cancel a minimum term addendum I never agreed to. Second, Comcast is trying to charge me this fee even though I technically didn’t even cancel all services.

Lastly, I have been hung up on 3 separate times, while attempting to resolve this issue. Instead of working with me to have this fee removed, I am considering canceling altogether and just having my attorney wrap up the rest for me. I would think that Comcast would want to keep me as a customer, so as to make more money in the long run!

Approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago I could not sign into my e-mail.  Here is what happened. I'd click on e-mail and it would loop right back to your home page, on and on, and on. I contacted Comcast (Tuesday) and was passed on to the "3rd level."

I was told the problem was on "Comcast's end," and that their "engineers" were working on it and it should be resolved by the next Thursday. Didn't happen. Got through again and was told it would be fixed by the "next Thursday."  Out of all those weeks there was 1 day when I got through to my e-mail.

This is what appears after I sign in: This page is not available Xfinity Connect® Communications Center at this time. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause. I need resolution to this. I used Comcast's settings for Mozilla Thunderbird but they don't work. I'm wondering if Comcast is aware of the hundreds and hundreds of complaints listed when searching Comcast.  I know this is incompetence.

I would like someone to look into my account and contact me with a resolution, or have someone contact my attorney.