Monday, July 25, 2016

Can't Make Comcast Monthly Payments on Website

By mistake I made two payments on the website as they didn't appear to be processing on the website.  Two payments were scheduled in the system.   I do not have 531 in my bank at this current time and is going to overdraft my account. 

I contacted the customer service team who said they were not able to access the website to cancel one of the transactions.  I explained that I'm sure she was not able to but someone should have the authority to do so.  I asked for a manager to assist there was allot of hesitation as she explained no one could help me with this situation. 

I was never able to speak to a supervisor or anyone else to resolve my issue.  I'm in healthcare and answer customer service calls everyday from patients that have mistakenly made two payments in error on our website and with no issues we are able to delete it if it happened the same day.  It's hard to believe that as big of a corporation that Xfinity is that they are not able to fully assist their customers. 

If someone reads this today.  How can I get this transaction cancelled?  I'm sure i'm not the only person that this happened to and should not have to wait for it to overdraft my account and cause over draft fees and checks to bounce for someone to assist from Xfinity.

If this cannot be done maybe Xfinity should consider this being an option for the future to better serve their customers.

Just finished talking to a Comcast Tech., My problem.  Comcast brought out a new cable box approx. 1 mo ago as the DVR did not work. In the process they also brought a new remote. Since that time I have had problems with the remote trying to get the set turned on.

Some times it would and some times not. they sent another Tech out and he tried to fix it and said it was fine. The problem still exists. Talked with a Comcast Tech yesterday who was at a neighbors. He said I need a new remote.

I just called and was told their would be a $50.00 charge for a Tech to come out and re-program a new remote. I told him I felt their should not be a charge to replace something that didn't work properly in the first place. I have no choice but to have a tech out to re-program the remote. 78 years old, and a novice does not go well with electronics. I just feel I should not be charged for this service call.