Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Angry With Incomptent Dell Support Technicians

I bought an XPS15 (suppose to be an top of the line laptop) it cost me over $2500 with warranty's and Virus protection in January 2015. The screen had a little light dot on it so we called Dell support they sent out an on site tech to replace the screen.

Screen got fixed next day my Computer would not start we called dell support again and they said it was the motherboard.

So I got a replacement computer, what took 3 weeks to get to me the first one only took 1 week. About a week ago my computer would not shut on again so I  called dell again they sent out an on site tech to replace the motherboard. This is the worst company and customer service at Dell I have ever had to deal with.

It did not resolve the other problem I had with the Rapid Storage Technology so I called Dell again with the knowing that I will be on the phone with them for another 2 hours or so.

They tried to fix it over the remote assist well it didn't work they said I needed to reinstall windows 8 I replied that I never received a disk for that they then told me they would sent it to me and it should be here in 2 to 4 days.

I called the up yesterday highly upset well the lady tech went in to remote assist and deleted and reinstalled the Rapid Storage Technology well it didn't work the problem was still there. So she said she would put in for another on site tech to come out to change the hard drive. This morning when I logged on to the computer, my virus protection said that I had no protection, so whatever she did on the computer just messed up more.

The on site tech came out today what I was very surprised of he installed the hard drive, it did fix the problem with the Rapid Storage Technology but now it says "your system does not appear to have Intel Rapid Start Technology enabled.

The onside tech said I had to call Dell phone tech because he could not work on any Software problems. I did and nobody in the department will call me back and assist me with my problem. I am so tired of talking to those so called Dell technicians who are not able to help you.