Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Letter to the CEO of Kia Motor Company

Dear Mr. Ahn, I have a complaint about Kia Motor company. Here is what happened. In June 2015, my husband and I were just looking for a used vehicles along Brand Blvd. in Glendale, CA.  We passed by Car Pros and we looked at their inventory.

We were just looking for a used car, but the Sales Department insisted that we buy a brand new Kia Car because of when it breaks Kia will give us a loaner and we will not be inconvenience and many other benefits. I was forced to buy a $30,000 believing that all the attached benefits with a  brand new car will be implemented should issues occurred. Now I see that I am not alone in my negative experience with Kia.

Byung Mo Ahn
Chief Executive Officer
Kia Motors America, Inc.
111 Peters Canyon Rd
Irvine, CA 92606

Re: Car Pros Glendale Sales Department & Account# 2015072884741. However, yesterday, my husband was driving that car to get some groceries from Costco, when they were about to leave Costco, this car just quit working, he could not even open the trunk to put all the groceries.

My son who has just barely been recovering from sickness, was kept in this car while my husband called the KIA Dealership for help, they sent a towing truck after about 45 minutes (our AAA membership would have come within 15 minutes), anyway, the tow truck is just a regular towing truck and was advised to repair this not even a 1 year old brand new car, for another 40 minutes, while my son kept coughing. Finally, the towing truck driver cannot fix the car, eventually he towed the truck and got my husband and my son ride in his truck.

Remember time lost with groceries of meat, chicken, milk, eggs and others are kept in the car for about 1.5 hours at this point. They arrived at the Kia Car Pros in Glendale, around 5:30pm from Costco parking lot, and only the Sales Department who sold us this car are open, the Service Department are closed. 

When I heard this from my husband over the phone I can hear my son heavily coughing in the background. I want to talk to the manager, because you have been in the dealership for 1 hour now + the 1.5 hour spent at Costco parking lot, those chicken are going to get bad. 

Please tell the manager I want to talk to him, please give him the phone.”, my husband extend his cell phone to Dan, the manager, and he said “My wife is on the phone and would like to speak to you for she wants to complain”,  Dan told my husband, that he will call me.  I waited for another 30 minutes but no Dan called me.