Friday, July 15, 2016

Blocked by Microsoft For Violating Microsoft Security Agreement

Blocked by Microsoft to my account saying I violated Microsoft Security Agreement.  Have not because have not successfully signed.  Last night, April 8, 2016 I attempted to set up and was told to get security code from my email. I am so angry with Microsoft corporate office now and wish to complain.

I checked my email 2 times, no code.  Checked email 3rd time and had code (also had 4 separate emails from Microsoft about 1 minute apart and received code 8536292 but was not able to get back to sign-in screen.  Today I tried to sign in and was told they would send security code to my phone. 

I have a cell phone but no a "smart phone."  I was told this was an invalid request and now I am blocked.  Look, it's not your problem, but I am 79 years old and did not have an electronic device in my hand at birth. 

My great grandson screwed up the administrator helping me, so I hope this is not the case.  He did not send Spam because I was sitting here with him.  Can you email me to some manner which I can use my computer with Windows 10 without having a complete meltdown?

The first thing I have to say is that I am angry with windows 10 being downloaded in the middle of the night on my computer without my permission. It is not compatible with the my games and with other websites that I favor.

I can't believe that you people can just take over someones computer and download a program without permission. I hate windows 10 and I can't afford to put back windows 7. You people are idiots and it has damaged my computer, I should sue you people for a new computer assholes.

I keep getting a popup promoting Windows 10 & this popup limits several of the programs I use frequently . I  have already had Windows 10 on this system and hated it so much, I had it removed. I want nothing to do with Windows 10 and I want you to stop interfering with my system.

I have had about 10- 15 of these popups and I have closed them all as soon as I became aware of the popup. I would think a company of your stature and reputation would be aware of recipients closing these popups quickly and numerous times and come to the conclusion that you should stop.

I downloaded the new Windows 10 update due to the fact that I was constantly being bombarded with notifications to download it on my computer. Ever since I did the update my computer constantly keeps freezing if I go on to a new web page, even when I don't go on to a new web page it stops and takes about a minute to work again.

Certain websites also do not work now that I have updated to Windows 10 and I know for a fact that they worked before I updated my laptop because I use them often for work purposes but now I have to find other means of accessing these websites in order to complete work. An absolutely terrible update, wish I'd never downloaded it in the first place.