Friday, July 15, 2016

I Need to Contact Home Depot with a Complaint

This afternoon July 14, 2016 at 4:59 pm I attempt to return a cordless 1/2" Makita drill which I purchased at this same store on 05/14/10. The Home Depot complaints and customer service counter where an individual identified as Lori was the customer service representative.

Her treatment and behavior toward me was appalling and extremely unprofessional. A few months ago this same individual waited on me in the return department. Her attitude and treatment of me was just as bad.

I contacted the store manager, who is also the head manager, Mr. Carthel regarding her nasty disposition toward me then. He assured me that he would take care of her poor professional treatment toward me. As a contractor over the past sixteen years, I've purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars in material and equipment.

I refer all my customers to this store. Unless verified and proven actions has been taken against this person, Lori, I will no longer visit your establishment. Everything I've purchased within the past 90 days will be returned. I will also include this incident on your store complaint page to join with other unhappy customers.

I do not want to do this. Over the years I have made friends with nearly all the employees and most know my business and call me by my first name. The small town friendship displayed by all the employees I feel very accepted and treated with dignity and respect  with the exception of this Lori.
After Lori told me that they could not do anything regarding this drill which burned itself out and was to hot too even touch. She told me to send it back to the manufacturer. I felt it would be better to purchase another Makita drill. Over the years I have been very pleased with its performance and durability.

The sales representative assisted me in selecting a similar drill and explained the new features of this same model. I took my new drill to the customer service counter because it was my intention to buy this product. Again Lori was the only available customer service person who was not on the phone. Judy Rae who also at the customer service desk alongside Lori was busy with another customer.
I attempted to get information from Lori regarding the warranty information for this product. She talked rapidly through the warranty process.

I then asked her if she could explained to me again the warranty information because I didn't understand what she said the first time because she spoke to rapid. She then said there was a manufacture warranty and a warranty from Home Depot which would cover an additional two years for an additional $50.00.

I tried to get her to explain the difference between the two warranties and how to use the warranties if I ever needed to. In a very curt manner she said go on line and I needed the receipt. I asked her how the two warranties worked and if they were the same warranty.

The next this I knew she walked away from the counter. With questions still pending and no Lori, Judy Rae began to explain the warranties while also trying to help customers. While helping a customer, Gary was in that area preparing leave for the day.

He then help me to understand the difference between the two warranties and when each one would go into effect..  When Judy Rae wasn't helping a customer she and Gary both were helping me. Judy then handed me the Home Depot warranty booklet with a copy of my receipt attached to the inside of the pamphlet.

Together they, Judy Rae and Gary, showed me the Home Depot number to contact to register my Home Depot warranty. Lori was not seen again after she left prior to helping me.
For this reason I am submitting a complaint against Lori. There are far to many good people working at Home Depot. And I'm quite sure.

If this is the type of people that Home Depot is hiring to work with the general public I will have no choice but to take my business elsewhere and make other contractors, customers, and friends aware about this kind of treatment by this one bad apple. I wish to be contacted via e-mail regarding this complaint.