Friday, July 15, 2016

NBC Problems with Ellen Degeneres Show Taping

I am a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. I had been on a list for about two years for New York tickets for her show. Knowing her show is taped in L.A., I knew eventually she would be back to the Big Apple. I was lucky enough to be contacted by NBC for tickets to her premiere show on September 8th, 2015, In New York City.  I had two guests accompany me as well.

We had all commuted in from outer Boroughs to see Ellen in person. The day was the hottest day on record. A scorching 97 degrees! We STOOD in on spot for two hours during her taping.

Apparently, they ran out of audience seats, so we were now in the "Standing Room Only" area. As Fans, we had complied! We were not allowed to bring extra bags, so we had brought one bottle of water to stay hydrated outside during that two hour taping.

If you were lucky enough to "Catch", one of the three water bottles, that were so graciously thrown up from the ground level below, without getting nailed in the face, you would be considered lucky! One of my guests, had practically begged a security person for a bottle of water, but then had to wait about a 1/2 hr to get it! No bathrooms either!!! Totally unorganized.

Anyway, my main issue is with an NBC employee.I had simply sent her an email, asking how we go about getting our "Audience gift cards', which were given out to Ellen's audience members; that we did not receive. We had a car service picking us up in the city, to take the three of us back home in the outer boroughs.

We had left promptly, when the two hour taping ended. Mrs. Corey Morris had sent me back two responses via email asking if we had not received the envelopes during the commercial breaks, which had contained the Visa Giftcards!

After I had replied back, Mrs. Morris became completely evasive and starting ignoring all my messages with no response back!! Basically, extremely rude. I have been left in the dark, to this day, with absolutely NO answer and she has absolutely.

You would expect a little more professionalism from an NBC employee and A little common courtesy. I have since sent my response emails back to her, numerous times, in hope of a proper, courtesy response as to what had happened here? I have saved Mrs. Corey Morris's emails as well as proof. I will contact everyone, until I have a simple answer.