Friday, July 15, 2016

7 Reasons Boost Mobile Customer Service Sucks

In 2012 I purchased a BlackBerry phone from boost mobile and my bill was $60/month with unlimited data. During that time the Boost corporate office came up with a shrinkage plan that gave $5 off your bill if the bill was paid on time for 6 months still with unlimited data. Now that my phone bill is $35/mo. I am having issues with my data usage.

So, I called boost customer service and I asked why this was--why did I no longer have unlimited data? That $35/mo. bill was gained through the shrinkage plan and paying my bills on time, yet customer service seems to believe that it is because I called in and changed my plan, which is not so. According to customer service, the plan went from monthly to daily, which I never agreed to.

Even in the month of March I paid my monthly bill of $35 and my service was shut off due to this mistake. Could someone please contact me regarding this matter as soon as possible; I have been a loyal customer for some years now.

Here are the seven reasons why I left Boost:
  1. Endless network issues (resulting in days-long outages) are always met with the same “we’re upgrading towers in your area” excuse; if you’ve upgraded your towers so much, shouldn’t they be flawless by now?
  2. The website/app makeover feels far more watered down when trying to locate/modify account information; I couldn’t even check if the promotional +2GB of data still applied to my account.
  3. When contacting support online, my request that they e-mail me instead of calling (because I’m at work) was always ignored.
  4. I recently started getting roaming warnings for little things like entering the parking garage under my office.
  5. 4G was a VERY rare sight to see in my phone’s status bar. Antenna was always at 0.5 out of 5, no matter how often I reset the PRL, etc.
  6. I didn’t enjoy visiting the physical Boost store in Farmers Branch, TX. The employees weren’t helpful in addressing my issue and they kept blasting mariachi music from a boom box on the counter. 
  7. It took nearly 15 minutes to get a customer service rep on the line yesterday after meandering through an extremely frustrating web of automated menus; once I was transferred to -another- person, the new rep refused to provide me with my account number, and instead proceeded to aggressively pester me with other questions.
And the tipping point, the absolute last problem:

My fiancĂ© had an emergency in the middle of the night, half an hour away. He called me 17 times. How many missed calls did I have? ZERO. That was completely unacceptable, and had become a more prevalent occurrence in recent months. If i can’t be reached, what’s the point of paying for the service? With how terrible my service was since I first signed up on 1/21/2014, I know I deserve a big, fat refund.

The only thing you get with Boost customer service is problems. I am now a very happy T-Mobile customer and get outstanding service for the same price. Should’ve switched a long time ago and saved myself all this hassle and stress. Prepare to lose at least two more customers, Boost, because I’ll be aiding in switching my parents over soon.

When I first joined Boost (3-24-16) I was referred by someone. Well I claimed my reward for the cash and received the prepaid card a couple days later. Well, they said it would take up to 4 weeks to go on the card and now its been a couple days over 4 weeks and still nothing on my prepaid card but they credited 25 to my account.

So I called Boost corporate billing department again about it and they said starting the 1st of April they wouldn't do the cash option. Only account credit. Which in my opinion is crap because I opted for the cash before they switched it.

I switched service from Verizon to boost and transferred my number to a free phone lg tribute 5 then realized that was not the right one. I wanted the stylo watch was $49 to switch witch i wanted to purchase. 

The lady at the store refused to give me the correct phone because she was done with the transfer already and I did not want that one but she claimed there was absolutely nothing she could do. I never even touched the phone yet. I just simply wanted  to switch to the phone that i wanted. Im very displeased with this service and makes me NOT wanna deal with this company at all. This is not right.  I should be a valued customer. I do not feel fairly treated. I am very upset.

I am posting this review on multiple sites while Boost refuses to even acknowledge my issues on social media.

I tried to suspend my sons phone line on my family plan due to his phone being stolen. I was told because we could not remember the pin number on the account that I could not suspend the service and there were no other alternative ways to have this done because they could not view his account information.

I requested to speak with a supervisors and was given a run around for over 45 minutes. After speaking to the Supervisor, and not getting any results, the phone mysteriously hangs up. I was never given a call back. I am shutting down my service and will never use Boost Mobile again. The customer service was horrible!