Friday, July 15, 2016

NBC Anti-Trump and Pro Democrat Bias

I have been a fan of NBC and their shows for twenty plus years, but it is clear to me that at the news desk Savannah and Matt have their way on politics, it is also clear to me you let Miss Washington aka Savannah who's husband works in Washington Bash Trump. Now I believe 100% that NBC executives and the corporate headquarters is pro-democratic.

It's clear she hates the thought that he who is not a problem or in the boys club there is very close to being our next President. Your show clearly does nothing to stop her hate towards him.

How about instead of having him on the show to bash him and have a list of angry questions, have a civil conversation. No one running for president has all the answers that's what advisers are for. We as America needs now more than ever needs a strong leader even if he may not have all the correct answers.

If she thinks Clinton the is one, she should send her cup cakes in prison which is where she belongs but due to Bill's connections she will never be but will still be laughing as she did at her hearing about the e-mails ,wars and many more things she has help start which is why our world is where it is now.

Not a word is said on your show is negative about the Clinton's. Bill's record of women's rights and near impeachment is NEVER talked about. As of today I will not be watching your show I will now be watching G M A. Stay on this path and you will always be second to GMA and All the millions of Trump supporters.

NBC is a left wing, pro Democrat, anti American station that has the likes of MSNBC as part of it's company. How in Gods name can they have race baiting Al Sharpton on their team. I had to tell you guys but Donal Trump was correct in his comments about the illegal Mexicans in this country and coming from a border state I have seen it all.

From hit and run accidents, to rapes, etc. This country has its own borders and anyone crossing from Mexico illegally to the US should be stopped.

Like the jerk who killed the Oklahoma sports commentator after a car accident. He was thrown out of the US and came back to kill an American Citizen. Too bad NBC is a communist station in the pocket of the president. NBC should start doing what they are supposed to do and that is telling the truth about things and caring about the future of this country and not their left wing agenda.