Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cancelling All T-Mobile Wireless Services Immediately

I was a T-Mobile customer for 12 years. But now because of poor customer service we are cancelling. Here is why. I understand the limitations of a less than robust network; we lived with that as the prices kept climbing.

In July of 2013 we moved and thought all was well. In October the service fell apart and quit working (yes the T-Mobile computer shows connections of various types, but it does not reflect dropped calls or texts not receivable or calls that cannot be heard by us on either receiving or calling end).

This happened to many people in a 5 mile radius of our home. I spent many hours on the phone (before it got too cold in Minnesota--the phones worked outside sometimes) with poor T-Mobile support and engineering to try and fix the technical issue.

They even sent a new phone for us to try and see if that would work(of course they billed me for the free phone). It did not work and we had to go with another carrier that had a good signal--all of our neighbors had to switch as well.

One of the T-Mobile engineers told me that they made some network changes and that they could not provide service in our home anymore. I refused to pay the early termination charges and the last phone bill. The matter has been turned over to now, 3, different collection agencies. The most recent, ERC out of Florida, claims to be the disputed claim resolution department.

They stuck to their guns that my disputed claim has been validated by T-Mobile and that i had to pay the full balance plus a $50 collection fee. I wasted another 20 minutes talking with a supervisor (if you believe all that crap) who said he would settle for $88 dollars instead of the $252.25. ERC is just another collection scam and uses every trick they can think of. I was very offended when T Mobile customer service said they were part of T-Mobile.

Can't trust any of them! I will not be paying that either, but I would love to actually get it in writing! They don't seem to understand that when the service stops working as is the case at my house and community, it makes any contract unenforceable, I have made it my hobby for the last 26 months to cost T Mobile as many customers as possible and will renew my efforts!

I'm a computer technology adviser to small businesses and folks for their personal tech needs this was my business phone! It amazes me how many customers T-Mobile will let go for a couple hundred dollars and how poorly they treat long time customers. Worst network in Minnesota--better off with 2 tin cans and a really big ball of string!

i received a phone call from a collection agency claiming that I owed over $1000 for equipment. I immediately called T-Mobile. The rep I spoke to said that I did owe $1000 for equipment.  What equipment?  I had already spoken to someone who said the problem had bee taken care of..Simply put, we didn't owe any money. This woman - who could only give her operator number kept reading off the same information. 

Although she could tell me that they didn't receive an on-line authorization until the 8th, and they sent me a letter the 23rd she didn't know anything about the outstanding bill. Worse even - she couldn't tell me what equipment I allegedly owed. I asked her to check records, and she said she couldn't locate them, but again, we owed $1000.  She then said she would have to shut down the use of something like they had done before, again.  Again? 

We had problems when we joined the accounts, initially, but that was cleared up.  This was in August, when we first merged the accounts.  After, we've been using the same phones with no problems - text, face book, face time, and all other services my children use. But, more importantly, a T Mobile representative agreed that we didn't owe anything.

I also informed her, that since the merge, not only did we get all of those services - we also have 1 bill sent to us, with all phone numbers. We've purchased at least 5 new telephones.  It seems to me that if I had an outstanding bill of over $1000 - the phone service would have long been interrupted. They've interrupted service for far less money.

This all made since to her - she even agreed, but I still owed $10000 (for phantom equipment) I told this operator that instead of going back and forth with her - could I get her supervisor's name and number.  She could only give the first name of her supervisor and she didn't have a direct line; I could only contact her through the operators.  her name was Andrea with no last name. 

She basically said the same thing the first young lady told me..When I asked to speak to her supervisor - Andrea told me that  she was the supervisor.  No one in higher authority?  No one except Andrea.  I asked who signed her checks, Andrea said she signed her own checks.  I asked if she had to get approval?  Yes, but I couldn't speak to that person.  Andrea was the supervisor.  Do you have the authority to clear those charges? No. 

Please Andrea - give me a name in Headquarters with a phone number.  Andrea said she couldn't give me a name - because she didn't know who I should speak to at headquarters - and - you guessed it, she didn't have a phone number.
I go on the internet;  I get a phone number for the office in Washington State.

I let the answering operator know what my problem was...I was put on hold for about 15 minutes.  I hung up, called back and put on hold while this young woman found who I should be directed to.  After 15 minutes on hold - I hung up.  I need to take some time to figure this out...Someone has to be able to clear charges for equipment I don't have - and at the time - didn't get.  

I am about to contact the board of directors, maybe I can get this solved.  My family and I have been customers upwards of 8 years, and we are disrespected on all levels.  We would have the services changed - but 3 of my children go to school out-of-state, switching carriers will take some maneuvering. They are all at home at the same time maybe once a year.As soon as that happens - were going to Verizon or Sprint or AT&T or even Metro PCS.  I shouldn't have to pay almost $300 to be ignored and disrespected. 

My name is Teresa Fuller, (cell phone # 352/874-6213) and I currently but not for long, have T-Mobile for my cell phone service. I had cell phone service with Sprint but, chose to switch to T-Mobile and I am now regretting that decision.

I had made a payment arrangement, with T-Mobile automated billing department, which granted me a payment plan where, $138 was due 3/12/16 and the balance of $138 due 3/26/16. On 3/26/16, I called T-Mobile and spoke with a representative and requested an extension until 3/29/16 because I did not have the $138 on 3/26/16, and that I would have it, on 3/29/16, knowing  I have a direct deposit, going in my checking account, on 3/29/16.

It was given, so I was lead to believe it was ok. I called back, and now got, "Irvin" who transferred me to "Elliot", (didn't even get a chance to get their employee #'s) who then transferred me to "Ashley", in your Richmond, Va. office, employee # 1212527, who after explaining all of this now to the 5th person, transferred me to "Joey", employee # 217165.

She too, gave me decent customer service and got the phones up again, BUT, when I told her I wanted to file a complaint against Nicholas, she transferred me to an extension that just rand and rang and rang, over 20 times?

This experience today has now stopped me now, to change cell phone carriers. Both the cell phone service and customer service provided by T-Mobile, is bad! I hope those employees, specifically Nicholas, are happy because they have caused a customer to service with T-Mobile and I want that documented and hopefully, they are reprimanded, for it.

I too, am a CSR, and I do not treat my customers, that way. T-Mobile should be ashamed, of what they have representing them. The new cell phone carrier will be in touch with T-Mobile shortly, to terminate my service with you.