Friday, July 15, 2016

More Problems with Groupon Customer Service

More problems with Groupon customer service. I purchased an item on Groupon on 1st April 2016 (Cooks Professional Multi Blender in Black). In the ‘fine print’ it stated that I had to allow up to 7 working days for delivering. Therefore, is should have turned up no later than 12th April.

As of this morning (13th April) I had still not received it so I had a look on the Hermes Tracking site to find out where it was.

I found out that, apparently, it had been ‘delivered to reception’ on 6th April at 10:34am.

2 issues to start with:

1. My delivering address does not have a reception as it is a pub and my place of work.
2. I was at the delivery from 10:00am on 6th April and nothing was delivered in my name.

After I found all of this out I then went to the business next door to see if the parcel was there and they hadn’t had anything either.

I continued my search for my parcel by speaking to Groupon themselves and also by going to other business in the immediate area.

I finally found my parcel at an estate agents.

Another 2 issues:

1. The estates agents also doesn’t have a reception so your carrier was lying as to where they dropped it.
2. My delivery address is 22 Park Street and the estate agents address is 16 Park Street.

Not in any of my orders have I ever used 16 Park Street as a delivery address and for my personal parcel to be delivered to a random address as well as me not being told where it was delivered is completely unacceptable. 

I'd like to know why I wasn't told of the 'change in delivery address' and why it was delivered to an address I have no connection to.