Monday, July 25, 2016

My 2nd Complaint Against Comcast Customer Service

This is my second complaint against Comcast Cable in less than 3 months. I moved apartments back in September of 2015. My cable never worked since then. I contacted Comcast several times on the phone- each representative was absolutely going to call me back, never received a call from any of them.

I had technicians at my apartment several times since then, each one said my signal was weak and would be back to fix the problem, which never happened either. On two occasions, I waited for a technician all day, and they never showed. I finally gave up and filed a complaint.

About a week ago I was contracted by an agent at Comcast by the name of Jennifer that wanted to offer me a promotion which was called Triple Play and it included adding my phone to Comcast.  I told them then that I was not interested if my  phone number would change.  She assured me that it would not. 

She also said that they would take care of porting the number and that I would not have to do anything.    We agreed on a price for the monthly fee.  Later I got an email confirming the change with a totally different price.  I called Comcast and talked to an agent Brenda Opr ID EV$.

Told her my problem and she gave me a totally different price.  I told her no I was not interested for the higher price.  She offered me another price  and again I told her only if my phone number would remain the same. She also assured me that it would not change   She never did send an email correction.

She scheduled the tech to come out on March 15th between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.  The tech came early which was great, but he was one of the rudest people I have ever talked to.  First he ask me what he was there to do.  I said you should know that by the order.   We went over the order which was not even close to the order I had agreed on. I said Comcast never does what they tell you they will do he responded I don't work for Comcast I am a contractor. Then he told me the phone number would not be the same.  He asked if I had called AT&A to cancel. 

I said no that Comcast was suppose to take care of that.  He said No I needed to do it.  He then called an agent and they said they could do it but it would take at lease 24 hours and I would have to reschedule.  I said no cancel the entire  order.  He again was rude and said he would and leave.  He acted as if he didn't even want to be there.  He is not a good representative for your company.

I called Comcast back on this date and asked to speak with a Supervisor.  I talked to Denise OPR ID VBY and she said she was sorry this had happened and could she help me.  I said no I want to cancel the whole order.  She offered to give me a better deal to keep me as a valued customer.  I said only if I could keep my same number.  She said that I could. 

After some time she came back and said no Comcast could not port that number, but offered me a discount on the package I have now.  I said OK but I wanted to talk to a Supervisor anyway for being so mislead.  She completed the order and said she would transfer me to a Supervisor.  And of course I got cut off and still have not spoke  with  one.

I have been a customer with Comcast for over15 years and pay my  bill on time.  Their customer service dept. can never help you.  I was very mislead when told about this promotion.  Comcast needs to make sure they can do what they  offer before they make these so called promotions to valued customers. I still would like for someone from management to call me.  My cell # is 912-313-8061. And I have sent a copy of this to the FFC.

I was called by a so called senior manager, who was going to take care of the problem. After switching out all my equipment my service did work a little better. My bill has never been right since, and I was told the order had to be sent to their corporate office to get it approved, but was never submitted. Now my bill still shows my old address, and it jumped over $200.00 a month, which no one can explain why to me. I called again yesterday, and was again told they would look into it and call me back- obviously I heard from no one.

Comcast representatives are the worst, they seem like they don't know what they are doing, never answer your questions, or can't figure out why, promise to call you back and never do. Comcast is a joke, and their customer service is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with.