Monday, July 25, 2016

My Letter to the Comcast Corporate Office

I am writing a letter to the Comcast corporate office because I was contacted by Comcast a few months back. I was asked if I would like to receive an updated box and the cost would remain the same. I received the new box returned the old one received a confirmation email, and then the bill started going up and up and up.

Today when I called to pay the bill it was like forty dollars higher than it was last month and I was told it will be twelve dollars more next month. But no one could explain why the bill is soaring.

I have been trying to get my phone service restored since 3/2. I spoke with an Agent on 3/1 and updated my service - I was told about a package that sounded great - but included phone service.  I did not want to switch from Verizon and told the agent this. 

I was assured many, many times (I am sure you can find the transcript) that my phone line would not be moved.  I was very hesitant and tried to finish the 3rd party acceptance without signing the Verizon termination letter.  The agent told me I needed to but it would not be sent until I contact Comcast to change my service.

On 3/2 I called my husband from home and he asked why the caller ID came up. That is when I realized that Comcast did in fact take my number.  Then on Wednesday I called home and to the recording that my phone number had been disconnected.  I immediately called Comcast and was told that it would be resolved within an hour. 

I still didn't have service on Thursday so I called again and spoke with Comcast.  They told me to get my number back it would be faster to for me to call Verizon my self.  So I called Verizon and they tried to get the number back and they got a message saying the number wasn't portable and that I needed to call Comcast again.

I called Comcast again and the agent spoke with the porting department and the porting department said they switched something but to give it 24 hours before calling Verizon again. I called Verizon the next afternoon (well past the 24 hour mark just in case) and the number still wasn't portable and that I needed to talk with Comcast again. I am guessing you are getting tired of this story by now.

So, I called  Comcast again and got another agent.  After explaining what was going on, she initiated a 3 way call between Comcast, Verizon and myself.  This call took over 2 hours.  The wonder Verizon agent worked very hard to get my number back.  The Comcast agent was great as well.  We all learned that once Comcast touches a Verizon phone number it doesn't seem possible to get the number back to Verizon. 

I am very angry at this point.  I have spent hours going back and forth between Comcast and Verizon.  It seems that this is a Comcast problem.   I am guessing it has to do with Comcast switching the number to a cable number instead of a traditional phone number. 

There has got to be a way for me to get my number back to Verizon.  We have had this number for over 20 years.  We have lost all the saved voice mails - and for some reason - I have lost my email as well.

I wouldn't be so grumpy if I hadn't asked so many times to make sure that my number would not be touched - not kidding here - I asked many, many times.  The agent even said at one point that she didn't know what else she could do to assure me.  Well, I should have listened to my gut and not switched up my services - this has been a disaster.

I still don't have a home phone and this is unacceptable.  It should not take this long to resolve.  I have spent way too long on the phone with customer service - which is a 5 minute process to get to the point where you can talk with an actual person. 

I have 2 accounts one if for my father who is 89 years old partially death, and has end stage renal failure he is in very bad health and confined to his apartment. We both are on a fixed income as I explained to the person on the phone.

So I would like for someone to please look into this matter and help me understand why my fathers bill is so high. The same thing happened to me last year and corporate was able to help. I don't know what else to do at this point. I may have to file a complaint with the FCC because this is just outrageous.