Sunday, July 24, 2016

Comcast Billing Ripoff with Monthly Pricing Charges

I called almost month a go talk with an agent to complain why my friend has same Comcast television service like mine. But he pays exactly 127.03 like mine he has free HBO-EN Canada. I pay same amount (127.03) with this different he has HD BOX i have digital box, he said since i am value customer he will ship me HD box free off charge I received box, called in to activate the box agent try he could not do it.

She said she has to send a Comcast technician to come to my house I felt she doesn't know what she is doing. Later I called back talk with gentleman he find out she didn't disconnect old box he disconnect old box and got HD box to work but some kind massage came on he didn't what to do he send technician house technician find mistake and every thing was fine.

Later on I had Comcast internet problem called in two times by two agent got disconnected because they couldn't help me they said they transfer me to technician it never happened I called back lady agent answer she said she the one can help me.

I explain what is problem, instated listen to my problem try to sell me and put me on new contract I said i have two years contract already start asking me what I am using or how many people in my house hold or what equipment I am using i said the only one using is me no one living with me, she fix problem what ever she did all port behind modem closed, i paid $150.00 for MICRO cell to have better connection on my mobile phone.

After two HRS with AT&T they find out port is close, to be sure AT&T right I connect my old lab top it didn't connect.4/03/16 Sunday called in first two lady they said they send signal it didn't work they said they transfer to some one else as usual phone got disconnected.

I had to call back another Comcast customer service lady answer she said she will fix problem after 21/2 Hrs she could not she said she will schedule technician bring new modem 3/05/16 Tuesday between 1-3 pm to come and fix problem this morning find out she didn't I had to call again agent reschedule some one come 4/06/16 WED, the same lady.

I said she try to sell me some other program, change my billing I don't have phone with Comcast $20.00 plus tax and 911 fees almost $8.00 why it must be like this why. I had to go to your office in Memphis to see what is going on.

The Comcast answering system computer used to be asked question if i want talk any division you have push number 1-6 don't guys think some customer has accent and computer do realize what they say, if i want talk with technical support or billing or other i should push the number.

I have to say several times agent until connect me to agent, is it the agent answer my call right person does he or she connect me to right person answer is no. I was with Time Warner until Comcast bought it. It is over 16 years that I am with Comcast.

I always paid my bill on time, you are, i can't spend 21/2 HRS and you pay to people that they don't know what they are doing. I could complain to BBB but when vendor can't give good service to customer can use his Option.

Comcast should always put customer first today, they are largest retailer in the world. I have 2 yrs contract always i see on bill you add to some equipment from 1 to 2 or3 dollars you hold me
responsible to my contract but you don't keep you promise. if i break my contract I have to pay penalty but when you break your promise, i can't do it, even friend advise me put your practice in Facebook.

I said to him i let Comcast know what is going on give them chance to correct problem if it didn't correct it, i will use my other Option. I like to stay with Comcast and i give you opportunity to correct the problem, for sure your answering service must change customer be able to push number for section they want talk to.

Since 2015 I have been over billed.  I have spent countless hours on the phone and at your flint, Mi office.  I have been told that my package did not existed, when I had the form in my hand.  I have been told billing was resolved on a Friday and on Saturday receiving another bill that was not my 99.99  package. 

Took the bill to Flint MI and was told that there was no such bill on my account after I had told them it was at my bank.  I had to stop payment for that bill, per your flint office and then they shut off my cable.  It has been nothing short of a nightmare for the past 4 months.  I have filed and FCC complaint, maybe then you will get my billing corrected, which I seriously doubt.

I  have had problems for over two years with my  phone and  internet crashing at least once every hour. I have had Comcast to come out and change boxes and wires  multiple times and the same problems still happened. Recently, I was send a letter for a free upgrade to the X1 and I had all new shipped you me to upgrade my system.

I was hoping this would stop the crashing of the systems. When I received the boxes I could not install the boxes right away. Because there was problem in the system in my area and  there was nothing the helpline could do until all the problems in the area were fixed. So, I can not complete the upgrade, and Comcast has been made aware of this situation. And they still charge me for everyday the that I had  the new and old boxes.

Now I have over one hundred dollars in extra charges on my bill. I called billing to have it changed very little changed on the bill. Every year I have fight with Comcast about my bill and me being over charged  for something or a payment is made but it is missing. I am trying to get this  Corrected between us but if have to I will take legal action.