Sunday, July 24, 2016

Problems with Comcast Movers Edge Services Hook Up

Used your movers edge service before the move to new city. Was given totally wrong information on equipment and hook up. Went to local office to straighten it out and was told to transfer my equipment and call in for a hook up.

No charge since I was doing it myself. Found out ( since nothing worked correctly) that I needed different equipment. Took old to office, got new and called in Again I was told, no connection charge, since I was doing it all. Bought compatible modem/ router and called in. Was assured connection complete through call in, but nothing worked.

The lady scheduled a service call to check Comcast service. Suggested I call modem/ router hotline for advice. They suggested I have Comcast remove and reinstall modem/ router (after trouble shooting it) to see if that would help. I called Comcast back and the gentleman said my modem/ router had NOT been activated the first time I called in.

Modem/ router was activated and all worked OK. Logged in the next day to check email and got nothing. Called Comcast and was told I had new equipment and needed a new user name. This changed my email address and I have been trying ever since to get an answer about why they cannot transfer my user name from my old account to my new account. In total, I have been on the phone with Comcast for over 4 and 1/2 hours.

The last call was to supervisor Jesse who told me the only credit I could get was the $20 installation charge (which I was assured I would not be charged). I explained this to her and she said that was all she could do, even though on a previous call, I was offered a $35 credit which I refused, asking for 3 months bill credit.

When I told Jesse I would be calling ATT for service request she said she would connect me. I said OK, thank you. She then said, "by the way, I'm removing the $20 credit for installation charge."  I was then put on hold ( waiting for ATT, I assumed).

Finally a lady from "resolutions", I believe she said, answered and said she was unable to pull my account to process my complaint, because of a weather related outage. She asked me to call Comcast back in an hour or so. What gives?

You give away hundreds of dollars for referrals, but cannot provide customer service to  your existing customers.