Monday, July 25, 2016

Comcast Customer Service Gets a One Star Rating

1 star is too much for Comcast customer service.  On 4/7/2016 a technician arrived to check on my slow internet speeds. He checked my equipment (working perfectly) and replaced the cable leading from my home but my internet speed was still slow. Instead of investigating it further to find the problem he stated he had to leave to his next appointment and would be back afterwards....he never came back.

So later that night I contacted Comcast and they set up another appointment for 4/8/2016 for a 2 hour window of arrival. I briefly left my home but my wife and father-in-law was still home. That technician just looked at the new cable that was installed then left without ever checking the cables further outside, the problem is not located within my property but somewhere in the lines elsewhere.

I again set up a service call for this morning, the arrival time between 10 a.m.-noon.....nobody ever showed up. So thanks Comcast for robbing me, I am paying $80 a month for 75 mbps (overpriced) but I am barely even getting 20-30 mbps on the Comcast speed test and my internet connection drops when the wind blows in my area, on-cue every time yet they keep saying they need to check my stuff over and over.  I tried to find another internet provider this morning, but unfortunately "Concast" is the only one available in my area.

I would not even give them 1 star.  When I signed up for my most recent service with Comcast, I signed on a deal that gives a $250 gift card for 2 year contract.  You are supposed to be eligible for the card after 4 or 6 months. 

I called after having the service for 4 months to see when I could expect the card and of course, they have "no record of that on the computer".  Why else would I sign a 2 year contract?  The rate even goes up the second year.  It's not like you get an advantage for signing long term and now they take away the perk that you signed up for. 

Then after having the service for about 8 or 9 months, I return home after extended leave and call in multiple complaints on the service as the WIFI is not working at all in the downstairs of my house.  After repeated phone and 4 service calls, they finally realized that the issue was theirs and sent a really nice supervisor from Norwich who finally resolved the issue. 

The Comcast rep that I had spoken to regarding this pending service call had promised me credit of $170 once the issue was resolved.  Great, I would have been delighted yet when I called to get the credit after resolution, they put me off 2 more months and claim that they cannot find that information anywhere.  If you are making any kind of agreement with Comcast, get it in e-mail form from whomever you are speaking with otherwise, you will never be able to prove your word and they will not help.

In late 2015 Comcast changed their internet pricing in the Miami market.  Usage above the 300GB level would be charged an additional fee; however, you could opt to pay $30.00 per month for unlimited usage.  I have a 2 year fixed price contract so I called to determine whether the new charges would apply to me. 

I was told that they would and given that I was a heavy data user, I opted for the $30.00 unlimited option.  There was a 3 month grace period in which no customer would be charged for additional usage and therefore there was no immediate change to my bill. 

In March, I received a shock.  My new bill came and it included over $1200.00 in internet charges.  I immediately called and told the customer service representative that I had the unlimited plan; however, he told me that this was not reflected in the system and that he was only authorized to change my account to unlimited as of April 1st. 

I requested to speak to someone who was authorized to rectify the situation but was told that I would be contacted in 48 hours by someone who could solve my problem.  After 72 hours, I called back and started the process over again having to explain my situation again as if I had not raised my complaint 3 days earlier. 

Once again, I was told someone would contact me.  When they did, the response was that Comcast did not have a record of my initial call ordering the unlimited service and I would have to provide them with a specific date and time for my original call. 

A long time having passed I was unable to provide such information and without this, Comcast has denied my claim.  I have paid my bill plus the $30.00 additional unlimited charge for March and April but now I am getting aggressive messages about fully paying my bill.

I am a long term Comcast customer and during that time I have experienced moments of exceptional service and times when Comcast has not delivered as promised; however we have always resolved the problem.  In this case, I feel that Comcast is not listening and many requests to talk to someone in authority have been refused.

Can't wait until contract is up.  Will not be returning to Comcast again.