Sunday, July 24, 2016

Comcast Door-to-Door Salesman Ripoff Contract Services

I was sold a Comcast internet package by a door to door salesman. He promised to lower my bill and speed up my internet. The installer was here today and could not hook me up because someone from Comcast had disconnected my cable at the pole and there was only two addresses that could possibly be used.

The house directly behind me and one three house up from there. The one directly behind me was disconnected as well. The other house appeared to be vacant and the installer could not go in that yard without the owners permission. The installer told me that Comcast could add to the line, but, that would take two or three months. Why is Comcast selling a service that they can not deliver when promised?

I already posted once about my latest issue with Comcast AKA the monopolizing rip off cable company once. If I had a dollar for every problem /incident we've had with this company over the last 9 years a vacation would already be being planned.

Just when I settled my old bill and restarted service with a new account (only for WiFi) and I'm hopeful that maybe this time will be different....till the first bill came and I'm being charged an additional $20 for xfinity TV whatever that is.

We don't have a cable box,we don't stream or try to with the online account, oh and all I signed up for was Wi-Fi service & that's it. Then supposedly the CSR Aaron who I spoke with via chat said he would adjust the bill, etc.

Then bill #2 arrived,same charge! I couldn't believe it. I am on a limited minutes plan on my phone so I can't call because 99% of the time Comcast takes 30 mins+ to ask questions that have nothing to do with your problem, try and get you to upgrade your service, etc each call. So I've emailed etc but no response.

I'm disabled & they used to list a contact at City Hall who you could call if you had Comcast issues but that's no longer on the bill. So I might have to go to the lobby/payment office in person. I've paid for the WiFi but I'm not paying additional $ for a service I don't have or use. This is my second complaint re:Comcast. Hopefully soon my issues will be addressed.