Sunday, July 24, 2016

Comcast Poor Connection Losing Wifi Signal Constantly

I was upset that my iPad was losing the connection for WiFi for 10 to 30 times a day. I had made several calls to Comcast and nothing was ever resolved. In fact, I still am thrown off wifi multiple times a day.

I was so frustrated that I cancelled service to Comcast.  Verizon was trying to get my old phone number as I  had it for 48 years and did not want a new number.  I asked Comcast to transfer it to Verizon and they said they had.  However, it wasn't transferred and I was left in limbo with not being able to use the phone and messages were not getting to me.

This problem went on and I was required to keep the phone service until the transfer could take place.  I decided to cancel Direct TV and come back to Comcast in order that I get my old phone number.

Going back to October 2015 several calls were made to Comcast due to a weak WIFI signal. Every time we called, the rep would send another signal to our box which did not solve the problem.  A tech was sent out to replace the modem, & we still had a weak signal. Now its February 2016.

Another tech checked everything. He said, the weak signal was due to a broken cable which ran underground.  He installed a  new temporary line,  submitted a report to Comcast to run a new permanent cable to be buried underground. 

We have contacted Comcast numerous times regarding the temporary cable which is still above ground.  Two weeks ago our mailman knocked on our door saying he tripped over the cable. This has turned into a safety issue! An issue / problem that Comcast will not resolve. 

Your Customer Solutions Dept advised us a Supervisor is currently handling this report.  Guess what?  The cable is still above ground!   You may want to advise Customer Solutions they re job is to solve customer problems, not ignore them. 

Some how, Comcast charged me for the time that I really did not have service. I am now being billed for services that Comcast believes I owe plus the new contract services and taxes which at this time they are adding interest on the charges that they should not have charged in the first place! My new contract was supposed to be less than the old contract which had gone up every month.

Now I see that it is going up again monthly. I am at the point where I am deciding whether I need Comcast.  Please get this straightened out so that I can afford to keep my services.  I am a senior citizen and my income never goes up. I  have had to go on Welfare because my income is so low.