Saturday, July 23, 2016

Samsung 1-800 "Service" Number is a Total Joke

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on December 1, 2015 through my cellular phone carrier (Bluegrass Cellular of Kentucky). I've been using an Apple iPhone that I purchased through the same Cellular phone company. My 2 year contract on the iPhone ends this August (2016). I plan to continue using the Apple iPhone as my primary phone until the contract ends this August, then transfer my phone number to the Galaxy Note 5 smart phone.

The same day I bought the Galaxy Note 5 smart phone I also bought a "Otter Box" phone case protector. This Otter Box protects my smart phone very well. It has a built in screen cover as well.

I used the smart phone 2 times since I bought it in December 2015 to call my Apple iPhone just to make sure it works. It work fine. The smart phone was activated through my cellular phone company and added to my Apple iPhone account. So both my Apple iPhone and Samsung smart phone are activated through Bluegrass Cellular phone company. 

I kept the Galaxy Note 5 smart phone put away since I wasn't using it until my iPhone contract was up.  About once every other week I would get my smart phone out and turn it on to update the software in it. Then I would turn it off and put it away. The Galaxy Note 5 smart phone was never dropped, nothing ever spilled on it, no scratches and no fingerprint smudges were even on it. The smart phone was still in new condition, since I wasn't using it.

On Friday May 6, 2016,  I turned the smart phone on and updated the software. After I updated the software, I decided to  try going on the internet with it,  since I had never tried that before.  I went to a safe web page and the screen froze up on me. 

I tried to shut the phone off but the screen was not responding to any thing.  It was froze on.  I called Samsung support at the 1-800 Samsung customer service number.   I was told to hold the power and the volume down button at the same time. That turned it off. I tried turning it back on and then a more serious problem started occurring.

The phone would cycle on and then off by itself continuously.  This would continue until the battery charge was used up on it. So, on Monday May 9, 2016,  I called Samsung support again and explained the problem to the agent.  Since my phone is still under warranty, the agent sent me a pre-paid shipping label and was given a Ticket # .  

I took my Otter Box phone case off and removed the sim card from the smart phone.  I carefully inspected my phone  and even wiped off any finger print smudges that may have gotten on my phone from removing it from the Otter Box case.

There was damage and no smudges on my (still new) smart phone. I wrapped the smart phone in bubble wrap, placed it in a small box with added packing to make sure no damage would happen during shipping. I attached the shipping label and wrote the ticket # on the outside of the box in 3 different places as instructed. Today (Wednesday May 18, 2016 ) I received my smart phone back. 

It had been shipped to me by UPS 2nd day air. I inspected the box for any damage before accepting from the UPS driver. There was no damage to the box nor was the security seals broken on the exterior of the box.  So I accepted the package.  I opened the box carefully. 

The smart phone had been wrapped in  bubble wrap,  then placed inside of a UPS bubble envelope which was sealed, and this was placed inside of the box it was shipped in.  Once I took the phone out of the bubble wrap, I read the paper that the service tech included with my phone which states that they replaced the  "PBA"  in my phone.  I can scan this paper and send it to you if you like. After reading that,  I looked over my phone and saw that it had been damaged.

There are scratch marks on the back side in the upper left corner.  With numerous small gouge marks over the entire back cover as if it had been firmly pressed down on a ruff surface such as sand or small gravel pellets.  There was also a sticky glue type of substance on the back cover which I was able to wipe off with some effort using my finger. But the gouge marks over the entire back cover and the deep scratches in the upper left corner of course would not wipe off.

I called the Samsung 800 number once again and explained this to the agent.  He told me that the repair service received my phone with scratches to the face of the phone.  I had the Galaxy Note 5 in my hand looking right at it as I was talking to the representative,  and told him there were no scratches on the face of my phone. 

There wasn't even a smudge mark on the face of my phone.  I told him about the damage on the back of my phone.  I was told that he would send me another shipping label to send the phone back and the back cover would be replaced. 

I didn't even turn the phone on to see if it would work or not. I am very disappointed that I send my new phone in for repair and it gets returned to me with damage that was not on it to start with.  This is bad. Not to mention bad business. I sent it back to the service center today  ( Wednesday May 18, 2016 )  with a new ticket # . I am concerned that my new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come back to my with more severe damage than it did this time with the scratches and gouge marks.  At this point,  I would rate my experience a  "0"  if that were available. But since "1" is the lowest I rate this experience a 1. 

I also still have the original receipt for this smart phone and copies of paper work I've received from Samsung as well as the numerous emails to Samsung with regards to this problem.  I would be happy to submit copies of these if needed.