Friday, July 15, 2016

Reporting Scam Groupon Deals and More Upset Customers

I'm very disappointed with Groupon service. Did order KinderKraft Expander with ISOFIX System - Grey dated 04 March 2016. Item has been damage and never received. After number of phone calls to Groupon and delivery company I manage to find out what happened and number of occasions asked for refund to my bank account.

This never happened as someone make the decision to provide me Groupon credit which I'm not happy with and never agree this kind of refund. Please arrange refund to my bank account, as I'm not planning using Groupon anymore.

I'm very disappointed with this situation and not understand why customer service keep ignoring my latest email and not responding.   I can provide all copies of email on request. Hope this time issue will be resolved ASAP. My wife purchased a Groupon for National Carry Academy for me as a gift. 

I used a Groupon voucher last night to 'treat' my daughter to a well deserved meal out which was booked at The Cockbeck Tavern Gastropub in Ormskirk. due to having a 1 and 3 year old she rarely gets out hence was looking forward to this greatly. The time there was a disaster as the food was shocking, all ingredients low grade and cooked poorly!

Additionally, the voucher was for food to the value of £25.96, plus I had ensured I had read the 'fine print' so was fully aware of what we could and could not have! If you consult the voucher you will see the Cockbeck promotes and advertises their deal via stating main meals you can order are inclusive of Lamb shank, mixed grill, 10oz Rump, Surf n Turf etc.

Consequently I ordered the Lamb Shank, my Daughter wanted the 10oz rump, yet I was told these were NOT on the menu, we could only order from the section, does it mention this on the deal... but we said ok, ordered cheeseburger and chips and the 8oz steak.

The value of these even taking into account if we paid the full price and not from the 2 for £10 only came to £13 so we added on the price of a starter as it seemed the voucher was NOT being taken into consideration as we were charged for the diet coke and cheap Pinot glass of wine (made my eyes water it was such a cheap brand of wine) yes, charged £4.50 for the pleasure of these dreadful drinks that neither of us finished drinking. Sorry, back to the 'meal'

My 2 burgers were of such poor quality they left a dreadful taste in my mouth so I refused to eat them, my daughter hadn't eaten since breakfast so she ate half of the burger from hunger PLUS her steak was over cooked and had a large piece of grizzle in, not great when it was less than a quarter of an inch in depth and would fit the hand of a 5 year old child. The frozen chips were burnt on both our meals and her frozen peas (most of them) like bullets.

Needless to say we left. I am not a person to complain, even on a 'deal' you do not expect such low quality food and drink to be served. Actually the food I have had in other establishments have been exemplary, hence returning since and happily paying the full price.

I would like Groupon corporate to address this as I observed you have had many people purchase these vouchers. I am an honest hard working person and expect some quality, I just wonder if any others have felt as strongly as I do to take the time out on a Sunday to write this! I do hope to hear from you and if you will recompense I would be grateful.

I have been trying to redeem it for weeks. There are only two phone numbers on the Groupon printed ticket that is labeled Midwest Carry Academy.  One number is out of service and the other says they haven't offered the service for three years. 

The online registering for the service requires me to put in a credit card number.  Again, the service is already paid for.  The main number is automated and nobody ever answers.  They contact me back a day later through email and tell me to register online even though I state that I will not put my credit card info into computer and they require it. 

They then gave me a code to register, which I already have on my Groupon printed receipt, and they tell me again that I have to register online.  I will not and should not need a credit card to redeem a voucher that is already paid for!  I have filed complaints with the BBB, the MN Dept of Commerce and with the Attorney General of MN. 

I want my money back immediately.  It was purchased by Marinda Welter back in Dec of 2015 and it was for $69.00 on my wife's visa card through Groupon.  Please credit her card back.

Then, I ordered two pair of shoes on 11/13, both from the same manufacturer.  One pair was delivered on 12/1; the other still not delivered.  The UPS tracking says a label was created on 11/29.  I spoke with UPS who said that although a label was created, the package was never delivered to UPS. 

I have emailed Groupon several times; they respond two days later with a canned response, but never with a personally researched answer to my specific issue.  I have called them and when they return the call, they pretend that they can't hear me and then hang up on me. 

At this point, I only want a refund.  I have placed this charge in dispute with my credit card company, but so far, Groupon has been completely unresponsive in every manner.