Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family Dollar Just Lost a Customer For Life

On Thursday, December 24, 2015, I visited the Family Dollar store located 2321 N. Wisconsin Avenue, Peoria, Illinois, to make several purchases. Upon proceeding to the check out lane, I was informed by the cashier that the customers she had currently would be the last she would take.

It should be noted there were only two (2) cashiers and approximately twenty (20) customers in line prepared to pay. Nonetheless, I was informed by this white female cashier that she would not check me out because she was closing her lane (This is incomprehensible to me, for again, there were approximately 20 customers waiting to check out and go).

I then went to the next--and only--open cashier, and stood in line for about 10 minutes or so behind others. Once the first cashier processed the customer she was servicing (the lady that was there when I attempted to attain check out service), a Mulatto couple step into the complained of lane, and the cashier processed their purchases.

I then voiced my incredulity that she had just told me with her last customer that she would not processed any more customers through check out. I then respectfully requested her name and a District Managers name. She responded that the District Manager's name was Lon/Ron (something or the other), but refused to give me her named for my complaint after requesting three (3) times.

Indeed, she informed me that she did not have to give me her name! It should be noted that she was not wearing a name badge so that I could have ascertained her name on my own. After I voiced my displeasure as to her service of me, the second cashier, a black woman with fake hair, advised me that she did not have to give me her name.

I then requested of the black cashier her name so that I could report her as well to corporate. Her response verbatim: "I don't have to give you my name either. Now get out!" After a barrage of words between us, I began exiting the store silently, Upon reaching the exit door, I respectfully requested of both the cashiers their names.

The second cashier, then ordered me out, whereupon I advised her I was an invitee into the establishment and that arbitrary and unwarranted eviction from the premises was unlawful. She then picked up the telephone sitting next to her cash register, and advised me that she was calling the police. I in turn advised her than I had committed no unlawful acts.

And if she did call the police, I would sue both her and Family Dollar for what is known here in Illinois as Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process, and exited the store. I have been a resident in this area for 32 years and have been shopping at Family Dollar for over a decade. I have never experienced such disrespect and contempt as I did tonight.

Exacerbating this situation, is the fact that I was an invitee and spending my money for products therein. These cashiers have absolutely no respect or consideration for customers, not to mention appreciation, for were it not for us customers, then they would have no job.

Unless swift and decisive disciplinary action is taken against these two, then Family Dollar will lose my business. As well as the business of my many, many family members and equally many, many friends. In my 52 years, I have never even remotely close come to being treated in such a manner as I was tonight with Family Dollar employees.

If these are the people forming your front line to the shopping public, then you should be ashamed. I am a business man myself. Never would I treat a customer such as I was treated by these cashiers.