Sunday, July 10, 2016

Epic Rant Against Microsoft Corporate HQ

My son installed a new motherboard and lost his windows 10. He contacted your support team and they were unwilling to help and told him it would cost 100 pounds to download again. Considering we have already paid for windows it is despicable. Gates is a multi billionaire and is extorting money from a young man who only earns £50 a week.

He can give give millions to charity but extorts money from the poor. You people have no morals or responsibility. Typical American. Just a bunch of con men with no history. 90% of English suffered poverty whilst the rich treated us like slaves. Now you Americans as a new power do the same. It is wrong my son should have to pay twice to a billionaire with no morals when he has no money.

I upgraded to windows 10 and start button, cortana, notification center, volume icon and internet icon are not working with right click. this is a serious inconvenience and requires urgent fixing. I will like this problem resolved.

For a long while now, I have had to follow a procedure to log into my emails. Asking them for a code to retrieve emails. Whilst doing so, I am now having to wait up to an hour to receive the code, by which time the code has expired.

I do receive a lot of junk emails, but also some very important ones. I am at the end of my tether and see I am not the only one, complaining. Why are they allowed to get away with this? I do hope I can view your reply-since I am unable to get my emails.

I have talked to customer support 4 times to return product bought online and they did not provide any information until product was received. Information about my account is being provided to another person after I've changed the information and explained the situation the the customer support people.

Information is not being updated so the other person is still getting into my account and continues to change the password on me. What does it take to have my account corrected so that I only have control of the account?