Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hampton Inn Customer Service Rated All Time Low

Complaints about Hampton Inn customer service are pouring in from across the country. That is why we have taken the time to compile recent consumer satisfaction ratings from around the United States. This feedback has come in using phone calls, emails, and complaint forms.

Are you upset about a recent stay at Hampton Inn or another Hilton Hotel property? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Here are several recent reviews by state.

On 3/29/16 I checked into the Hampton Inn in Columbia, MD, (Room 217) after having made a reservation days earlier.  Soon afterwards a busload of teenagers arrived.  They were spread all around our floor, and they behaved exactly like excited teenagers on a trip, namely hollering from one room to the other, running around the halls, screaming, laughing, playing music, slamming doors, etc. 

The room next to us, #219, apparently became "Party Central", and despite two calls to the front desk, the noise continued until 2 a.m.  My husband and I got no sleep whatsoever. I am certain that an entire busload of teenagers coming all the way from Detroit to Maryland had a reservation, just like we did. 

Therefore, how smart would the management of this hotel have had to be to anticipate that the behavior of a busload of teenagers would be disruptive  to more sedate guests who came to the hotel to sleep?  

Why were they not housed together in one part of the hotel rather than spread out? Otherwise, the Columbia Hampton Inn was clean and provided the in-room comfort that I would associate with that class of hotel.

West Virginia
When requesting a reservation for Parkersburg, WV. The person we talked with assured us there was only one Hampton Inn in the area. We arrived and checked in at the Hampton Inn Mineral Wells, WV.

When I inquired at the desk this morning and inquired about the meeting room number we would go to, the desk informed me that there was no party scheduled by the name we asked about. I asked if there was another Hampton Inn in the area and the lady informed me the that there was a Hampton Inn in Harrisburg.

I see no excuse for this level of incompetence. This reservation employee was asked no less than three times to confirm that this was the correct location.

I stayed at your Carroll ton Kentucky location on April 2 and upon check in I asked about complimentary breakfast and Megan (new hire) said yes it is a continental breakfast and I looked puzzled and then she commented that it was a full breakfast.

Once I got to my room I called the front desk, Megan answered and I asked where the coin operated washer and dryer were located. She replied on the second floor off the elevator, I'm on the third floor. I went to the elevator on the third floor and found that there was a washer and dryer on the third floor.

The washer and dryer were in use and it didn't say how much it cost to run the machine. I called down to the front desk and again spoke with Megan and asked her how much it was to run the machine, she didn't know. She then hung up on me.

I did check for myself then I was able to use the machine when it was not in use and it posted inside the machine. The next morning I spoke with the front counter person and told her my complaint and she replied that she was there and Megan didn't know how to place me on hold and there was no way for the front desk to know what room was calling.

She also proceeded to tell me that Megan had not been on each floor of the hotel and wasn't aware of the location of the washer and dryer.

 I'm not sure how your training program works, however I'm thinking everyone should have a hotel tour before they are working at the front counter. I have written to '' twice with no reply. Once on 4/6 and another on 4/12. I'm very disappointed with Melissa not getting back to me and I don't believe this is the Hilton practice when a customer is upset.

I do work at AAA Northeast in the travel call center and customer service is our top priority. I appreciate your attention in this matter.

On March 10, 2016 I stayed at Hampton Inn Beaumont, I-10 South, Beaumont Texas 77705
Room # 128/NDRUB. This room was filthy, dust in the bed side, by the heater, in the corners, dust balls on the wall, I had to clean the shower floor before showering, it was covered in hair.

I told the midnight shift person, she made notes  of all the problems in the room and how dirty it was, and she told me I would be hearing from Management, as of this date I have heard nothing from anyone, I stay at Hampton inns all over the south and mid west, I have never had such a dirty room.
I would appreciate an answer from some one in the Hampton Management organization.

We made a reservation under ref# 86714330 in Jan 2016 for 5 rooms under the name Cheryl Jones she called and cancelled two of the 5 rooms because only 6 of us ladies where coming to Memphis Tenn. We came into your Hampton Inn on Peabody Place rd at 10am cst and of course too early to check in so no problem we went and got something to eat and walked around the area to look at things, we came back to the Hampton Inn at 1pm cst.

The lady at the front desk stated that she had the rooms available. When checking in Cheryl asked the girl if the current rooms we had would be next too each other so we can stay as a group in same area she had stated no and that she can check with the house cleaning to see if any of the rooms had 3 together for us and found 726 727 728.

Great we say. We proceeded to check in and paid cash for our 3 rooms Cheryl asked the girl who was checking us in to make sure the other rooms where cancelled and the girl proceeded to say yes and then i asked the question after paying my cash my card will not be ran correct and she stated no you paid cash no reason to process the Visa Debit card I had put to reserve the room. Great lets go have a good time Cheryl Jones, Dora Lyda in 726 Crystal Handy and Laura Browning in 728 and Charmane Edwards and Chree in room 727 this is me.

However went to room and unpacked left out to Bills street tried to use my debit visa card and would take a charge for $17.00 i had $560.00 in my account purposley for this trip that was my spending money come to find out when i called my bank Hampton Inn ran my card for room payment not once but twice Why is that when I paid cash in person?

I got that money back in my account on 05/09/16 once i was back home and no longer in Tenn. That was not a good feeling. Then on 05/13/16 Hampton Inn took $295.40 x 2 out of my account creating an overdraft of 29 x 3 when they should not have taken or gotten this money at all. We paid cash. We took the girl at the front desk word that everything was great.

This is wrong with the way your company has done us. Not only have they gotten money from me but they also got money from Cheryl Jones account as well. I would like my money returned as well along with the NSF fees created on my account. We did not do this error your people at the front desk did. I would like the tapes pulled for 05/06/16 I know they are recorded at the front desk and you can hear the conversation that had transpired.

Please my phone is about to be turned off along with my car payment is now behind due to this issue and two other bills I have had not been able to pay because your Company negatively taken money that is not yours either.  I am working with my bank on getting my money back I am writing this to you in hopes we can settle is discrepancy.