Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tired of Complaining to T-Mobile Technical Support

After months and months of complaining to tech support, going into your stores and just really getting the run around, I am convince that my voice does not matter. I am not satisfied with my service nor your sales representatives.

This all started around November 2015, we came to : 4071 Lee Rd Suite 170 Cleveland, Ohio 44128. It seemed like we got fair plan that only seem to go downhill. We were quoted one price only to find out later about all the hidden fees. Okay so I should have asked more questions right? Wrong because they said whatever to get the sale.

So anyway. I originally started with the Grand Prime but I kept experiencing drop calls. So around April this year I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6s because I was told by your sales rep that this phone would not drop calls and I wouldn’t have any further problems. I was also told that my price was less that what is on the statement. And there is much more!

At the time T-mobile was running a special on the Alcatel Tablets. We were told that they were “FREE” to the customer all we had to do was pay a onetime fee of about $20.00 per tablet. So of course everyone on the plan got a tablet. Only to find out months later that it was a charge and still a charge!

That venture by itself cost me $784.00. But wait there is more!!! So I have this phone and I think it’s the answer to my problem, because now I have a phone that works.

Once again same problems same issues. I go back to the store and they give me the run around. After several attempts there. I call customer service only to get duked some more. I follow there procedures and I am still having dropped calls and to add insult to injury people are constantly telling me my phone is breaking up or they can’t hear me.

So again I call customer service, they had me do a factory reset then software update. This should fix it right? Wrong again. So now Apple service expert is involved. He emails instructions for the phone. Basically the same thing all over again. So now I am really frustrated.

Trying to work a business and battle with your phone service and technical support. I am exhausted! But I am now in debt to your company, so I am trying to make it work but it’s not working for me.

So finally I tell them just send me a new phone. Only to have them tell me I owe them for another replacement phone that I never received. So now they are supposed to investigate it. No Problem they send my phone to a local store. I pick it up after rep sets it up and I get maybe two blocks down and find out my text messages aren’t working.

I go back to the store and the rep fixes the problem. Only to have to go back the next day because it stopped working again. So now I call tech support because my phone is dropping calls and once again people are complaining that they can’t hear me.

So I tell the first tech what’s going on and she can’t hear me either she have me reset the phone and some other things. So now I should be good to go. Wrong again. Next day same thing. I call back get a different Rep that tells me they can hear me just fine and totally disregards anything I said.

So now I am extremely upset, I have missed out on some business adventures because of lousy service and I still have to pay these ridicules prices every month for something that clearly is not working. My daughter who lives in another state is having the same issues.

My husband is having network issues so they sent a tower to the house. So much for that because it has not stopped not one drop call for me and none of the blue tooth’s work with this phone not even my car. I have done my part. It is your turn to do what’s right. I don’t want any more credits.

Maybe your logo should say T-Maybe…you’ll never know when it’s going to work.