Friday, July 22, 2016

Reporting a Problem with Chevron Gas Station Attendant

This complaint is about a Chevron gas station attendant whom not only is shorting the customer, but is also shorting his employer. This gas station attendant not only has me furious with him, but by visiting Yelp, I have noticed there is several people furious with him.

This is the evening attendant at the Chevron at the corner of Lincoln Ave, and Curtner ave, in San Jose, California. I have been buying gas from Chevron on lincoln and curtner for 30 plus years, but now I refuse not to because I can not stand even walking inside to give my hard earned money to this person.

It all starts out when one day I walked into the station and started talking. He asked me what I do and I told him that I am a 25 year technician. I told him that I repair t.v's, and computers. He then asked me if I can take a look at his laptop.

I then said sure, no problem. He then went into the back office and brought out a small hp laptop and set it on the counter. I asked him what was wrong with it and he told me that it is running real slow, and the keyboard is not working, and the left mouse key is not working.

Now, like I said, I have been going to this station and buying gas for 30 years plus, and never received a discount, but because I know, whom are two of the most awesome gas station attendants that are also employed there, I offered to fix it for him at a discounted rate but told him I would have to take it to my shop, then I will call him with an estimate.

After spending 4 plus hours on his computer, and a friend of mine spent another 1 1/2 hours on it, it was determined that I needed to get rid of the virus software which was slowing down his computer. I also determined that I had to re-load the operating system, fix the mouse button, and he would have to order a new keyboard which was not fixable.

I then called him up and told him I will do everything for $40.00 and he would have to replace the keyboard. He then started to told me to go ahead. I then told him I would deliver it to him the next day. He ageed. I then bring the laptop in the next day fixed and he said, what was wrong with it.

I told him exactly what I told him the day before. reload operating system, fix mouse button and he looked at me and said "There was nothing wrong with the mouse button" and I said "You know it did not work", and he said with a bad look on his face "How about I give you $20

I said "Dont you ever insult me like that again and yelled at him and he then opened up his wallet and gave me the $40.00. At that point, I did not even want to go in there anymore because I could not stand him. I also heard that several people were complaining how he is closing early and none of his co-workers like him because of the stuff he pulls there.

They begged of me to put in a complaint so he would be fired. They told me that there is several complaints on yelp from people that are writing complaints about him. Here is a copy and paste of one. and here is the actual complaint.

Screw you for not being open past 9:00 at night. Screw you for being extremely rude to my boyfriend and I when we ask what time you close asshole- "uhm yah.. we're closed" boyfriend- "when do you..close?" *thick russian accent* asshole- "Listen buddy, learn some friggin english.

We're closed" me- "He clearly WAS speaking English and you can f**k yourself and get a real job, asshole". You ALWAYS reject when I pay in credit, sorry I never carry cash on me. Here is another one: They close way to early.

I got there 5 mins before closing time and the cashier was locking up the pumps I asked him if I could pump some gas because I was on E. His response "good luck buddy" then walks away. This place only gets 2 stars for being clean and located near my house.

That is nothing compared to what he did to me. It was about 10:45 p.m. and my girlfriend, my dog, and I ran out of gas right down the street. I looked down the street and was relieved that I saw the lights still on at Chevron.

I stopped at my shop which is on the north east side of curtner and lincoln and grabbed a 5 gallon gas can. we then carried the can and my dog, (which we did not have a leash for) over to the station. It was now about 10:50.

I sent my girlfriend with the money to the window so I did not have to deal with this jerk and she comes back and said "They are closed" I said, it cant be, it's only 10:50, I walked up to the window and he rudely said "we are closed".

I told him what time it was and he said "closed" I had to walk 20 blocks to my home carrying a dog and a gas can when he should 0f not been closed. I am going to post this letter to every complaint board until this jerk is removed from that station. Besides that, You lost a 30 year customer.