Friday, July 22, 2016

Ticketmaster Refund Request for Event Tickets

I purchased Ticketmaster tickets for the Ringling Bros/Barnum Bailey circus on what I thought was for Friday night Feb 5-tonight and today I saw that the tickets were actually for last night Feb 4th. I Know it is my error, however, it is an error and I am human.

I paid $115 for tickets and now Ticketmaster corporate offices wont allow me to use them tonight. My kids have been looking forward to the circus for the past 2 weeks and now this. Customer service says it's a past event and they cannot honor the tickets tonight which is totally ridiculous since I know they are not sold out and I should be able to use my purchased tickets to go tonight with my family.

I am very frustrated with the response I have received from customer service at Ticketmaster.  I work hard for $115 this is not fair to the customer. If the circus had left town already then that would be understandable as far as a "past event", but it is still here tonight.

Then, I tried to order basketball tickets. And I would have preferred to order my tickets to the Pelicans Game by phone but of course no one will answer and I was ordering 7 tickets to the Pelicans Game and when I clicked accept this bogus message SERVER ERROR comes across the screen making you think you made a mistake and therefore I went through the process of trying to order again.

Turns out there was no error and I ended up ordering two sets of tickets. I called at lease 4 times trying to get someone to cancel one of my orders but they said they couldn't touch it cause I went over the ticket limit and they said they noted my order asking the "client" to consider canceling one of my orders.

Well no one did this causing me to pay $450 dollars for 14 tickets when I only needed 7 so they other 7 were a waste of my money and money out of my bank. I will never use Ticketmaster again they stole $225 dollars from me for no reason.

Finally, I received 4 vouchers for two general tickets each and my husband received 7.  I went on line to purchase two tickets for Rob Thomas for September 10th.  I had to fill out each of the 11 vouchers-got to the end and a message came up temporarily off-go back to the last page.  I lost the two tickets each time and had t go back and start all over again.  I spent 2 hours trying to get the tickets. 

I tried one last time and the last message stated that I needed a new CIN number-for my charge card.  I gave the number and was charged for the two tickets.  I tried dozens of time with pure frustration.  I had to call Ticketmaster to cancel the two tickets which I was on line for over 25 minutes.  I looked again recently and the concert is sold out of the vouchers.  This is beyond ridiculous.