Saturday, July 23, 2016

Samsung Customer Service is the Absolute Worst

Since we bought our washer in July 2014 the clothes come out with a coating on them to where they are unwearable.  We had a repair company come out and asked us questions such as how much soap we use, what kind, how many clothes we put in and they said they couldn't do anything for us.  I called Samsung back and they said that there was nothing they could do so they would send another repair guy out.

It was the same company so they again said they couldn't do anything and he took pictures of the smears on the clothes.  Again Samsung said they couldn't do anything and had the repair company call me back.  They said they could send someone out.

I said what good would that do and she said none. So again they said nothing they could do and to call Samsung corporate offices again.  So Samsung said that if tech support said there's nothing wrong then there is nothing they can do. We bought a new washer and our clothes come out worse than before you wash them and we are told that we're just stuck with it.

That is just wrong to treat people the way they have been treating us and just keep telling me--We're sorry for your frustration!!  We will never buy another Samsung and the service is horrible and non-existent and we have tried everything from different detergents, less clothes, separating more, cleaning with vinegar, etc.

I purchased (Oct 17, 2015) 4 pc package Refrigerator, range,micro,dishwasher as a Samsung Renovate and Celebrate program with a 300.00 promotional prepaid card as the reward for buying the 4pc package.

The promotional sheet and the sales invoice had to be mailed in within 4 weeks of purchase with the serial #'s and model #'s to all appliances but the dishwasher was not in stock it was on back order so I call the salesman at the store and he told me to send the serial and the model #'s on the appliances that I had and to make a note about the dishwasher being on back order so I did.

It was mailed on Nov. 12, 2015. A couple of weeks later I got a card saying that I was denied the rebate. So I called the salesman back he said to send the rebate form in again after I get my  dishwasher and when I can send all 4 serial #'s and model #'s. I got the dishwasher Dec.21,2015 so I sent all the info back in again with notes on everything, the #'s delivery sheets, sales invoice, even the denied card that I received.

After not receiving my $300 or hearing anything I called the rebate # and was told that the promotional period was over Feb 2,2016 and that there was nothing that I could do to get my rebate. I feel like I was played by this company this is wrong to be done this way.

I bought all 4  these appliances for that reason and it is wrong for me to wait 2 months on the dishwasher and then get denied the  rebate because of it. I do plan to call the better business bureau and I won't be buying Samsung again.

Every year since I purchased a Samsung refrigerator, Model RF266ABBP, I have had to have repairs made. Frost everywhere! This time behind the freezer pull out drawer. Now I can purchase a kit and have it repaired again, hoping that the same issues will not occur.

Due to poor design of the ice maker with a hose that hangs down so if the ice gets too high we can rip the little hose off. Guess what? Ice maker tray replaced and we do not get whole ice cubes we get ice chips.

I can only tell you how very disappointed I am with this product. I have always purchased Samsung TV'S and never have had a problem but this experience with the refrigerator to me has been a nightmare.

I have put in over six hundred dollars in repairs and today it is going to cost me another $175.00. How would you feel if you were  in my position? Would you want to purchase another Samsung refrigerator? I sincerely doubt it! I could go on but I know I have probably gone over the amount of words allotted.