Saturday, July 23, 2016

Samsung Appliances are of the Worst Quality

I bought a new home about 4 months ago and purchased several new Samsung appliances as items for our kitchen. A counter top fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher I  had a problem with my dishwasher.  I'm not going to go into detail because I feel its a lost cause.

I talked to Best Buy and after a few weeks they told me they couldn't do anything. I will say this much, the last person they sent out to look at my dishwasher  told my wife and I that the 90 degree fitting was the  problem and showed me where it leaked. Half of my kitchen floor is damaged from water leaking from the fitting. I know its been a month or two but I just wanted you to know. 

I truly wish that no star was an option.  This is the second Samsung complaint filed with the head offices within a 2 month period.  The first we had to have all parts replaced in our washer when the washer was only four months old. 

When I say all parts I mean everything. Rotor, tub, mother board, clutch, dampeners, and motor.  After replacing all those items the washing machine practically walked itself out of the closet on spin.  We called and it turns out that the NEW tub they just put in had a weak spot in the metal and dented from the dampeners. 

They are now and again replacing the tub, clutch, and the dampeners. Their quality control obviously sucks and they have now spent more in time and parts on this machine, then if they had just given us a new washer.   Once again none of these parts will be recycled, they will be thrown in to the landfill.  

Our newest Samsung fridge broke down nearly 4 weeks ago now, the service agent said it was not fixable and needed replaced. After waiting another 10 days and no fridge I rang the customer care number and rang 3 times after someone promising they would ring me back.

In the end I was informed that a credit note would be given to The Good Guys to get a new fridge. I specifically asked that we would be reimbursed the same size fridge even though it has gone up in cost. And if you play the tapes back this will prove this.

Now after finally getting the credit note on Sunday afternoon and my husband taking yesterday off to collect a fridge we were given what we paid for.

This does not cover a fridge of the same size we had to go away with a smaller fridge pay another 100.00 plus pay another 300 for the warranty.  We have spoken to Consumer complaints and we are totally entitled to a replacement of the same or similar style and size fridge. I can send the new invoice when you reply to me.

We need to be reimbursed for the extra 400.00 and the difference for a same size fridge.I spent 2 hours trying to get someone to help me on your customer care line yesterday the service was disgusting I was informed I could not speak to a manager, so I do expect some action on this from the Samsung head office.