Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Angry Complaint Letter to the Toshiba CEO

Bought a Toshiba laptop which started smoking, jeopardizing our home.  Fortunately I discovered it before it burned my house down.

It was only 2 years old, never dropped, no damage.  This was at the end of Sept. I wrote an angry complaint letter to the CEO in NYC to vent my frustration with their Irving repair group who had me send it to them for "analysis.  They said it would take a few days to turn around, but it was a lie.  The part my computer supposed needed was back ordered until the end of October.

Now when I saw that in the email they sent, I again called the Irving "Escalation Dept." and told an obnoxious woman I cannot be without my computer for a month that I am a senior on a fixed income so I cannot just go buy a new one and I need it as all my bills are paid online.  I asked them to send me a loaner to use in the interim.

They said they had none they could send me.  When I asked them what I was supposed to do and they told me to "go to the library."  The nearest library is 6 miles away and I do not own a car and told them that.  They couldn't have cared less.

I sent a package to the CEO of Toshiba by Priority Mail and I know they received it.  I have confirmation of delivery and that guy never even had the decency to respond to my complaint.  Another useless, uncaring person in the Toshiba organization.

And I sent copies of all the documentation including the Staples Tech order that verified the computer was indeed smoking.  My house could have burned to the ground and these thoughtless people could not care less.

I will find every complaint site I can and tell everyone to stay the hell away from any Toshiba products as they do not stand behind their products and have no regard for the failure of their products that negatively impact consumers.

My house could have burned to the ground had I not smelled it as I was going out the door.  No wonder there are dozens of complaints against this company.  It is a safety issue and I will be contacting the Consumer Protection Agency and let Toshiba deal with them.